Economics Seminar – Oak Creek

Economics seminar

On Thursday and Friday July 15 and 16th Salt and Light speech and debate club in Oak Creek Wisconsin will be hosting an economics conference by the folks at Economic Thinking (a group committed to helping young people understand free market and economic principles.)

The presenters will be Greg Rehmke, Bruce Rottman and Gabriella Megyesi, all of whom have spoken to our group before if you’ve ever attended one of our conferences. If you don’t know these folks, you could look on the website for info.

Briefly, Greg Rehmke is the director of Economic Thinking who teaches economic and free market principles. Bruce Rottman was an economics teacher at Brookfield Academy but is now teaching at a school in California. He still comes to Wisconsin and will be available to teach those days for the seminar. He is an excellent economics instructor and is an interesting and clear presenter. Gabriella Megyesi is from Budapest, Hungary and grew up under Communism. She has an interesting perspective on life behind the Iron Curtain and American students always enjoy her presentations. Her economic games really help bring economic principles to life and she is a hit with younger students and older alike.

The cost for this two-day seminar will be $30 for the first student and $20 for additional students in the same family with a cap of $50 for any particular family for the event itself and we will be charging an additional fee for the two lunches involved. We will be providing lunch both days of the seminar but that cost will be in addition to the price of the seminar because Economic Thinking needs to cover its travel expenses and we do not pay them anything for the seminar, but only hope by this conference to attempt to cover their expenses. Mr. Rehmke will be putting together a brochure explaining more about each seminar topic on their website but it’s my understanding that there will be 3 separate tracks offered.

We will try to provide more detail as we get more information, but this is a great opportunity to learn economics from 3 different presenters. We have in the past recommended that the students be at least 14 years of age, but we will leave it up to the parents if you believe your students have a particular bent in this area. Don’t forget there will be a small additional cost for the lunches (unless you want to do your own brown bag lunch) and we have no child care arrangements.

When you email Jan Wahlen to sign up at you can let her know you are interested in meals. We will be collecting all the fees at the front door. We have a great line up of speakers for this seminar so if you can manage to get some of your students here for it, we know they’ll benefit from this material! Part of the reason we are jumping on this opportunity on short notice is that Gabriella Megyesi from Budapest is able to be here that week to present and she is always a favorite of the students as she presents information about growing up behind the Iron Curtain and the impact Communism had on her life.

Hope to see some of you on July 15th!
Heather Young
heatherusty at myfamily dot org.


Russia, Rights, and Liberty

Economics – Debate – History – Geography

Join us for an intellectual adventure!

Harvest Community Church, 6612 South Howell Ave., Oak Creek, WI

July 15-16 (15th: 9am-8pm, 16th: 9-4) $30/student ($20 sibling, $50/family).

To register or questions: Jan Wahlen, • (262) 637-5041

Hosted by Harvest Community Church and Salt and Light Speech and Debate Club.
Presented by Economic Thinking and the Foundation for Economic Education.
Economic Thinking is a program of E Pluribus Unum Films

Forwarded from
Lakeshore Christian Homeschool Network Connecting Southeastern Wisconsin and Northern Illinois Families


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