“Toto, I have a feeling we’re not in Junior High anymore”

“Just Say No” to Forensic Homeschooling!

It’s a strategy that you may be forced into if you don’t start some kind of record keeping for your home school high school student. Forensic Homeschooling would be trying to create a transcript from memory. Not only does Lee Binz, TheHomeScholar.com not recommend it, but I know for a fact my own memory wouldn’t be able to handle it. (I’m lucky to remember my kid’s names and ages when asked.)

There are lots of ways to organize and keep homeschool records. I’ve used the tub method so far and it works fine if you only have one student in high school at one time. This is where you “just keep a Rubbermaid tub in the corner and throw everything your child produces into the bucket! Then, when it’s your turn to write a transcript, your digging will be limited to one tub.”

Lee has a web page to help you get started with record keeping. Check it out or bookmark it for later. It’s got a lot of information and links etc. that you may need at some point. Homeschool Record Keeping for Dummies!


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