Effort Honor Roll – rewarding the ordinary

First there was “partial credit” for wrong answers on exams so that students wouldn’t get held back a year in school. After all, close enough should be good enough, no?

Now, there’s (drum roll, please) The Effort Honor Roll. I am not making this up. As long as a student has tried his or her best – consistently, recognition is deserved.

That’s right, folks. Little Johnny can’t read; but at least he can’t read consistently.

You tried, you failed. Congratulations!

Ashton Elementary School in Cumberland, R.I., says that the Effort Honor Roll is to honor consistently outstanding effort at school. These efforts include “consistently exhibits politeness, kindness and respect toward others” and “consistently works to best of ability.”

When I was in kindergarten “plays well with others” used to be worth a gold star, but we’re not talking about 5 year olds here.

Maybe we should just give all students “effort” diplomas and call it a day. Before anyone gets hurt.

I’m gonna take my nap now. When I wake I’ll expect milk and cookies…


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