New Electronic Online Form PI-1206

WPA has been informed by the DPI that in order to save money, the DPI will be switching from paper PI-1206 forms to an electronic version that homeschoolers file online beginning this August with forms for the 2010-2011 school year. This change requires new procedures and raises concerns about protecting homeschoolers’ privacy. The WPA Board has discussed the issues involved, and a WPA representative has gathered the following information from the DPI.

People who submitted a form for 2009-2010 will be notified by letter that they are to submit the form electronically this October. These letters will probably be mailed in mid-August. As in the past, it will be important not to submit your form until early October. As the WPA handbook explains on page 27, “WPA encourages you not to file the form before October for two reasons. First, public and other private schools in Wisconsin base their reports on enrollment as of the third Friday in September and file their forms on October 15. Since homeschools are private schools, we follow this requirement. Doing so reminds school officials that we are sending the form to report enrollment. Second, complying with more than the minimum requirement of the law (in this case, sending in the form before public schools open in the fall or at some other time before it is due) encourages public officials to increase requirements and exceed their legal authority.”

Homeschoolers will complete their forms electronically, providing the same information that has been required in the past. Once you have completed the form online, there will be a button to click to send it to the DPI. You can also print out your completed form as a PDF. This copy will be the equivalent of the pink carbon copy of the three-part paper form used until now and is an important part of your homeschooling records.

However, having a printed copy of your form does not prove you submitted it to the DPI. Therefore, WPA has requested that people who submit the form receive an official letter of acknowledgement from the DPI stating that their form has been received. This letter of acknowledgement proves that you have submitted the report of your homeschool and is also an important part of your homeschooling records.

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