Can you be a loud green dot?

Seth Godin has a theory that I think relates well to homeschooling.

He shows in the following graphs the enjoyment we get from learning compared to the degree of difficulty in mastering the activity.

The effort required to learn something goes through bumps until we hit a certain level and then we get bored (or frustrated.)

Is there is a particular subject, or a particular child, or the whole shebang of everything that homeschooling requires of you, that takes a lot of hard work and determination to learn before you sense any kind of expertise?

A lot of homeschooling mothers will admit to hardly ever feeling “expert”. But we trudge along and hopefully persevere.

Maybe it’s your child who needs help getting over the gap. Like, maybe it’s knowing when not to trust spellcheck or finding Dubai on a world map without the internet.

This is when you get to be the motivating “green dot”, rooting him on and helping him work it out.

It’s easy to overlook the difficulty of an effort for someone else. As many of us are continuing homeschoolers and starting out another season, it can be easy to forget what we’ve gone through. Rookie homeschoolers may be needing someone to be the “green dot” for them along the way this year. Be ready to pay it forward.


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