Changes in DPI Reporting for 2010

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Most home-based education (homeschool) families have heard that the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction is changing to an electronic filing system beginning September 2010.

However, as of now, the DPI website has not been updated with the new information. And if you call the DPI, you will get a recorded message alerting you to the change but not much more information.

Fortunately, Wisconsin Parents Assocation has the skinny with some key points to keep in mind before you file, including:

WPA is reminding us to WAIT until the third Friday in September.
WPA is encouraging you NOT to use your email address when filling out the form.
WPA strongly recommends that you do NOT provide your phone number — it is not required.
For accurate information about homeschooling and Wisconsin’s homeschooling law, do not contact the DPI, contact WPA.

Read the complete information from WPA explaining the specific steps for filing the form.


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