Blood Bank Assembly at PA High School Becomes Hot Topic

Last Friday morning, seniors at Norwin High School in Pennsylvania got an unexpected dose of pornography as graphic images were inserted into a health presentation to promote the local blood bank.

More than 400 students who were expecting to hear about the importance of donating blood, instead got an eyeful of  “undesirable” images that has sent shockwaves through the community.

Parents are outraged, obviously.
The school has issued an apology.
Lawyers have been called.
The blood bank employee has been suspended.

The blood bank representative was seemingly unaware of the images being shown — the school principal reacted by jumping up immediately to shut down the presentation, but by that time at least 30 seconds of the images had been seen by the high school senior class.

Well, at least the scandal has succeeded in raising awareness of the blood bank with local teens. As one student told The Associated Press the photos were the hot topic of conversation on Friday.

No one’s ever going to forget this,” he said.

Be careful little eyes what you see…

The brain’s occipital lobes process images from your eyes and link that information with images stored in memory.  The hippocampus of the brain then sends memories to be stored in appropriate sections of the cerebrum and recalls them when necessary.

Thirty seconds of the presentation was long enough for the “undesirable” images shown in the presentation to become part of each student’s memory.

Our young people are bombarded daily with graphic images.  Is it any wonder we can’t get their mind away from the screens and onto a simple written page?  With so many images, our only hope would be to replace “undesirable” stored memories with desirable ones.  Consider this your parental responsibility.  Well, it’s worth a try, right?


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