Billboard Fail. They still teach spelling don’t they?

What a difference one little letter makes…

Lee MacMillan took this photo of a billboard in South Bend, Indiana that contained a spelling error.

You can spot the error, right?

Well, it seems that at least 4 workers didn’t catch the mistake before this digital billboard went up touting the 15 best things about pubic schools.

Billboard spelling error creates embarrassment. WSBT. Mishawaka, Indiana.
Looks like at least one person in South Bend didn’t use Spell Check.

Is it the school at fault?

National Ledger:
“According to the report it is not the public school system, but the billboard company. An official with the company said the ad was proofed by four people and the typo got by all of them.
Did they go to public school?”

So, the lesson my dear homeschooling parents is to teach your children well, because as your children go through life, the legacy of homeschooling will go with them – and all of us.  In later years, when the surgeon is found to have operated on the wrong limb of the patient… when the astronaut switches the wrong control… when the police officer cites the wrong citizen… when the engineer marks the wrong blueprint… when the janitor empties the wrong wastebasket… when the POTUS…  It will be: “I heard he/she was homeschooled.”

Truly, if this had been an advertisement for homeschooling, it would be on all of our heads.

News Source: WSBT-TV
Hat Tip: McNorman

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