Civil War Heritage Weekend – Coon Valley

Norskedalen Civil War Heritage Weekend
October 9:  9am – 4 pm, Dusk Skirmish
October 10:  9 am – 4 pm, 1 pm Skirmish

Norskedalen and Company B 2nd Wisconsin Civil War Re-enactors bring history to life during the Civil War Heritage Weekend held on the grounds of Norskedalen.

The event will also feature demonstrations of life in 1863 in an authentic setting.

Throughout the day, you can wander the grounds visiting a variety of living history stations where reenactors in complete costume and character share what life is like during the War Between The States (or as they still say down south, “The War of Northern Aggression.”)  From loading and firing weapons, to visiting the surgeon’s tent, and watching the Rebel troops try to ford a stream without getting wet feet…

The event site is a restored, 19th century Scandinavian immigrant homestead, including a large barn built by a Badger veteran in 1864, located on hundreds of acres of beautiful, wooded farmland with a stream.

The scenario is to accurately portray a detachment of Wisconsin infantry and artillery camped at the homestead, close to Confederate lines, protecting it from rebel sharpshooters and artillery.

Source: Second Wisconsin Volunteer Infantry

Norskedalen is 15 miles southeast of LaCrosse  (Directions are well marked from Highway 14 in Coon Valley.  Take County Road P North to County Road PI to the entrance.) See map.


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