Reflections of Motherhood

For all mothers out there, especially those who have taken up the challenge of the homeschooling adventure.

Monday Morning Motivation from Thank Goodness It’s Monday

Here’s what Scott Stratten of UnMarketing says:

“After sending you 70 movies over the years, this has to be one of my faves.

We asked the question

“If you could go back to before having your first child, what would you tell yourself?”

And here are the answers

“It’s been seen almost 90,000 times already.  The photos are of real moms who volunteered to pass along their thoughts and tips for new moms everywhere.

Please enjoy and send/share with others.”

If you are like me, you will probably not click the video and play it.  Oh, sure, maybe you will bookmark it or file it away somewhere hoping someday that when you have a better computer or can go to the library and use their high speed connection instead of your dial-up you will be able to watch it.

So, I’ve taken the liberty myself to copy the tips given by the real moms in the video, in my own order.  It is not as emotionally moving — especially without seeing the faces of the mothers photographed or hearing the soundtrack.  But you’ll get the idea.

You will make mistakes — Forgive yourself

Your Mom was right:  millions of parents survive sleep deprivation, real men change diapers, let Grandma spoil them

Imperfect is the new Perfect,  you are the expert

Take time:  for yourself, to fall in love with your baby, and fit back into your jeans!

You are about to meet true love; and he is going to get sick and you will stay up all night just watching him breathe.

Be brave, trust your instincts.

It’s OK to be scared. Nobody really knows what they’re doing, Google doesn’t have children

Just maybe this will give you that extra bit of motivation as you go plodding through what seems like just another Monday….


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