Wisconsin virtual school open enrollment for 2011-12

Wisconsin offers resident students from Kindergarten through high school, the opportunity to take online public school courses tuition-free.

Under the full-time public school open enrollment program, parents must apply during the Feb. 7-25 application period to the school district they wish their child to attend. This includes options for virtual (online) public schooling.   Parents are notified by April 8 whether their application is approved.

If you are interested in virtual programs or schools, you must opt in between February 7-25 at 4pm for the 2011-2012 school year.
Apply online on Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction open enrollment website.

The application is available from midnight February 7th to 4:00 p.m. February 25th. Early and late applications are not accepted.
Additional information on open enrollment is available from the DPI. Paper applications can be obtained from the DPI or any public school district.

The timeline for open enrollment is currently three weeks. However, legislation is being proposed to expand the open enrollment timelines.

When choosing an online public school, look for an established program that is regionally accredited and has a track record of success. Be wary of new schools that are disorganized, are unaccredited, or have been the subject of public scrutiny. For more suggestions on evaluating virtual schools see: How to Choose an Online High School.

List of Wisconsin “Online Programs” and “Virtual Schools.”


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