Live–Eagles on their nest

DECORAH, Iowa (AP) —- A new video camera watching a bald eagle’s nest in Northeast Iowa offers new views of the eagles’ domestic life —- and what’s to come.

The camera, which pans, tilts and zooms, is above the nest near the Decorah Fish Hatchery. It’s part of a technology upgrade, which also includes a main nest camera.

Bob Anderson is the director of Raptor Resource Project, which sponsors the eagle cams. He said the new camera, which he controls with a joystick, will allow viewers to watch eagle eggs cracking open later this year and see close-up details of the eagles feeding the chicks.

The eagle pair built the nest about four years ago, and raised eight chicks in the last three years.

To see the eagle, to to

This is a link to a live video stream of bald eagles on the nest in Decorah, IA. At first there was no live action…and then the bird turned and looked directly at the camera! The male just came, rearranged the nest and settled on the eggs, and the female flew off. It’s fascinating!


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