Homeschool Family Camp ~ Wyalusing State Park

It is now 10 days to Homeschool Family Camp. (Hooray!!) We have a great group of 15 families from several different homeschool groups signed up but there is still plenty of room and we would love to have your family join us.

Astronomy program at Family Camp

This activity has been added to our list of activities for our camp group.
It will take place at the Observatory located at Wyalusing State Park.
The inside program will be an overview of the current night sky (constellations present, planets (if any) star clusters, plus time for questions).
There will be several telescopes outside for seeing deep sky objects and a station to identify constellations.
The program will take place from 8 – 9:30 pm on Mon., April 25th.
There is an extra $2 fee (besides the camping cost) for all participating children.

Click here for all the original information and details about Homeschool Family Camp


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