Moses was homeschooled

Excerpted from Keep-on-Track Home Schooling E-zine
By Gerald Vanderkolk
From a series on the life of Moses of the Old Testament Book of Exodus.

“Let me begin by saying that Moses was home schooled, at least for a little while. When, as a baby, his parents were unable to keep him quiet any longer they thought through a scheme that would save his life. They placed him amongst some reeds in the Nile River and waited. I believe they knew that the daughter of Pharaoh bathed there and I found it interesting that the Egyptians worshipped the god “Hapy”, who was considered to be the Nile god of fertility. For Pharaoh’s daughter, the Hebrew child in the basket would have represented a gift from this god.

Unable to immediately take Moses home he was providentially returned to his mother who brought him up and instilled in him a love for his God and the love for God’s people. Even amongst the riches of Egypt, Moses never forgot his roots and the book of Hebrews in the New Testament tells us that he turned his back on the riches of Egypt. Moses’ mother taught him what it was to be a child of the one true God. In essence, her influence had an amazing effect on his life.

The problem for Moses came year later, when as a man, he took matters into his own hands and thought that he could redeem Israel in his own strength and we discover him fleeing into the deserts of Midian to avoid the clutches of Pharaoh.

For the next 40 years Moses lives there until God himself calls him and tells him to, “Go” and be a Saviour for His people. God says, “Go, I am sending you.” Moses offers many excuses and then simply says, “Lord, send someone else.”


Yet, closer to home God might simply be saying to you, “Go, I want you to home school.” You might be concerned about the worldliness of the school system and see little choice but to home school. Yet, on the other hand, you, like Moses, feel absolutely unqualified for the task. Moses made his excuses and yet when you look at him from a human point of view you would think he was highly qualified. He had done a degree at the Heliopolis and had been schooled in Egyptian learning. He also had experience of court life and basically knew how Egyptian culture and society worked. I tend to think most home school mum’s feel unqualified and yet many of them have degrees or a great deal of experience and in reality they are more than qualified to teach their children. I tend to think your “attitude” is the most important virtue you bring to home schooling. Moses underestimated his skills and yet he was more than qualified to do this task. We too, can fall into that category.”

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