Sky Ballet With A Whole-Lotta Kites

Ray Bethell, the ‘Multi-Kite World Champion’, of Vancouver BC (Canada) is extremely well known for his mesmerizing sport-kite performances at major kite festivals around the world. He holds numerous sport kite world records and titles. Ray flies 3 steerable kites, or even 3 stacks of kites, simultaneously.

In this video clip Ray performs a wonderful sky ballet with three kites.
Music: “Flower Duet” from ‘Lakme’ by Delibes.

Ray (a true inspiration at 80 years old)  devised the multiple kite-flying apparatus himself — the right and left kites are manipulated by each hand and the third kite from his waist.

Having lost his hearing due to a rare virus, he had no choice but to accept the challenge and get on with his life.  He says,

“I found that Multiple Kite Flying was a tremendous help in my solitude. I found I could and still do concentrate 101% as there is only my kites and myself. The rest of the world is in silence, so I put my whole heart and soul into my kite flying. I found that while I was flying I felt completely at peace with my self and the whole world. I learned another aspect of flying, where I could fly not only with my hands, waist and feet, but with my whole being which portrays Love, Grace and Beauty”.

In 2005, the Documentary Video” Good Stuff” won Best Short Film Award at the Tribeca Film Competition in New York.

For more information about Ray Bethell, visit…

For more information about kiting, visit…

Way to go Ray, keep up the good work mate!


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