The Life of a Bean

And now, courtesy of Homeschool Freebie of the Day, we give you:

The Life of a Bean

in this wonderful time lapse video of a bean germinating and growing!

Epigeal germination climbing bean time-lapse filmed for
Filmed underground to show the roots growing, the hypocotyl grows and pulls the cotyledons up through the soil and above ground.
The protective skin called the testa remains underground.
The cotyledons feed the plant until its strong enough to support itself.
When spent the cotyledons can drop off.

9-12 minute interval between exposures.
This sequence was filmed over as period of about 4 weeks

Music is called ‘Pendulum’ and the Artist is Oliver Ledbury.

Copyright and filmed by Neil Bromhall a free plant identification website

Homeschool Freebie of the Day posts really good stuff every weekday.  Absolutely free for you to download and enjoy. No strings attached.

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