Simply Frugal Living

If you could increase your monthly income by $100-$300 (or more), would you do it?

I just found a really neat resource that could be a HUGE help to homeschool families:  a website devoted to coupons and deals and stretching your budget!

It’s called Simply Frugal Living, and boyohboy does it spill the beans on how to buy beans and just about everything else in your grocery cart.

Normally, I don’t get to take advantage of couponing because I’m in a more rural area and only get to the big city stores every few months and the coupons have expired.  😦

BUT, Andria Alexander has some great ideas here that just may even help me.

Did you know that you can find out what the coupons will be before they come out in the newspaper inserts?

Go ahead and check it out for yourself.  There’s a whole lotta advice and more right there.  For Free.

Two more little tidbits:
1. Andria was featured on the Pittsburgh TV News where she shared the basics of her method. She has the clip on her site.
2. Andria is the oldest daughter of a wonderful large homeschool family in Wisconsin (Hi Kris!)

So, go on and dive into Simply Frugal Living, you’ll learn something about how extreme couponing can help your family live frugally and extravagantly.


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