Hold Off A Little Bit Yet On Filing PI-1206

Home-Based Private Education (Home Schooling)  Reporting 2011-12

Whether you follow a typical school schedule, teach all-year ’round, or
unschool… It’s almost time to file the PI-1206 forms for home-based
private educational programs.

Here’s a link from Wisconsin Parents Association with recommendations about how and when to file, as well as detailed info that you should know about Wisconsin’s home education law.

is the 2011-12 letter to parents and guardians with information about the electronic reporting process (HOMER).

Click here to complete the online Home-Based Private Educational Program form PI-1206 for the current school year.

The online PI-1206 form for the 2011-12 school year will be available August 15, 2011.

If you go to the online system today (August 12th), you will see this message:
Data entry for the upcoming school year 2011-2012 is not open yet.
NOTE: This report will open again on 8/15/2011 for the upcoming school year of 2011-2012.  Please check back at that time to enter data.
If you have questions about the HOMER system, please contact Diane Sullivan at (608) 267-9248, or send an email to Homeschooling@dpi.wi.gov.
Try Again

Since School Enrollment Records Day (the third Friday in September) is the benchmark for statewide public schools to file Wisconsin DPI Forms, it is suggested that you wait to file your PI-1206 Form until October 1st. The deadline for filing is October 15th.

Before you go online to the PI-1206 Homeschool Reporting (HOMER) system, here are a few tips to keep in mind:

1.      You want to provide the least amount of information as possible.  It is best to leave out private information not necessary per Wisconsin State Statutes.  

2.      It is not necessary to specify the grade level of your homeschooled children, you may use the “Ungraded” boxes.

3.      Names and ages of your homeschooled students are exempt from the information requirement.

4.      Don’t give your phone number as it undermines your family privacy.  Phone numbers are easily searched from a national database.

5.      Unless you want to take the chance of your email address being given out to a school district or a business (remember when DPI shared our postal addresses with the virtual charter schools a few years back?), DON’T use your email address as your “username.” You may make up any username you want instead of your email address.  Just be sure to write it down somewhere.

6.      Don’t file too early.  You have until October 15th.  We don’t want to trigger any changes in the current law.

7.      Review Wisconsin Parents Association’s recommendations of how to comply with the statutes without giving DPI more than they need.

8.      You can go back and change your online form if your status changes (ie: you stop homeschooling one of your children) at some time during the year.

See our Wisconsin Homeschool Law page for more information.

Know the law.

Blessings to you all as you teach your own!


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