Cognito Speech and Debate Club (Hillsboro) starts fall semester Sept. 8th

Cognito Speech and Debate Club – first semester of 2011-12 school year

Home-educating families are invited to consider our speech and debate club as we begin our fifth season!

Cognito’s mission statement:  We purpose to develop effective communication skills in our Christian homeschooled students  so that they can clearly communicate a biblical world view.

Location:  Burr Wesleyan Church, Hillsboro, WI

Time:  8:45-12:30 on Thursdays

First Semester Dates:  

Sept. 8, 22

Oct. 6, 20

Nov. 3, 17

Dec. 1

Second Semester Dates to be announced!

Dues:  $15/semester/family, due October 1st and February 1st.

Other costs:  Each class may require a book purchase which can be shared by students in each family.  NCFCA affiliation costs $30 before September 15 for those families with children over age 12 who decide to compete in tournaments second semester.  Tournament costs vary.

Classes:  Three classes are being planned; each student may enroll in one class.  All students will participate in “Club Time.”

  1. Beginning Speech – Will cover Platforms and Interpretations.  Taught by Elizabeth Keller.  For all ages who either haven’t taken a speech class before OR who have taken a class but haven’t demonstrated proficiency in presenting at least 1 Platform and 1 Interpretation speech (*see note).
  2. Junior Varsity Speech – Will cover units in Limited Prep categories, Debate, and review of Platforms and Interpretations.  Taught by different teachers for each unit.  For students who have demonstrated proficiency in writing, memorizing, and presenting at least 1 Platform and 1 Interpretation (*see note).
  3. Debate – Will prepare students for competition in NCFCA debate.  Led by Colleen Manning.  For those who show a readiness for debate and who turn 12 by January 1, 2012.
  4. Club Time – Will include all club members during the second half of our morning (after nourishing snacks!).  Will include a variety of activities to help our students improve their skills: demonstrations of past speeches, group activities/learning games, discussion of NCFCA rules, preparation for competitions other than NCFCA, small group meetings as needed (for discussion of apologetics, extemporaneous, or other speech events), practice and critiquing/coaching of new speeches, perhaps extra debate practice.

Other events:  

  1. We hope to schedule a “get-to-know-you” picnic in late August or early September at the Hillsboro Park.
  2. A practice tournament may be scheduled in Richland Center this fall.  Other practices in Wisconsin are usually available.
  3. Stay tuned for information about “Dad’s Night”–when fathers can hear the speeches students have been working on.
  4. Second semester events include:  Presentation Program for club students (January?); opportunities to give speeches to local groups (April/May?); NCFCA tournaments (ages 12 and up).

Contact: Colleen Manning

*Some students taking Beginning Speech may need to write and present 2 or more Platforms and 2 or more Interpretations to reach proficiency.  Parents of the student and the teachers of the class can work together to determine proficiency and the best time to advance to Varsity Speech.


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