Kwik Trip “Kwik Books” Reading Incentive

To help promote reading Kwik Trip, Incorporated has created their Kwik Books program.


Click here for 2013/2014 details

This is a free reading incentive program sponsored by Kwik Trip, started in 2010.  Each student completing the reading goal for the month gets a FREE slice of Cheese Mountain Pizza from any Kwik Trip store in Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Iowa. (Availability may vary by location.)

It’s pretty simple:

This is for children from preschool through 6th grade, so younger children can be read to and of course older ones do the reading on their own.

The program runs from September through May.


You’ll need to sign-up each year.  2013/2014 details

Homeschool Groups and Schools are eligible to participate.  You can get the information on how to have your group or school participate by contacting Kwik Trip, Incorporated Corporate offices in La Crosse WI.

Individual homeschool families in southwest Wisconsin may participate in the Kwik Trip Kwik Books Reading Program through Southwest Wisconsin Community of Homeschools.  

Our Southwest Wisconsin Homeschools group reading goal is a minimum of two hours per month of non-school related reading. Since you know your child’s capabilities, you can use this goal as a starting point — and then personalize it to stretch and encourage your kids to read more.

When you sign up for Kwik Trip’s Kwik Books Program with the Southwest Wisconsin Homeschool Community , you will receive the Kwik Books certificates that you use to reward your child when he or she meets the monthly reading goal.

Here’s what you do:

  1. Email to say that you’re interested in participating and let me know your name, address, and phone number, how many of your (preschool through 6th grade) homeschooled children will be participating , and the name of your local homeschool group if any. 
  2. You’ll get a confirmation email with an address to mail your name, your child(ren)s names and grades  – with a self-addressed stamped business-size envelope for each child.  You will receive all the certificates for the entire year for each student in the envelope that you send in.
  3. Keep track of the number of hours of student reading.  Keeping track is a key element so that you know that the goal has been met.

What I’ve found works for my kids, is to keep a simple chart to focus on the goal’s measurement and accountability.  Sometimes this is just a sheet of paper with handwritten notes of the date, time spent, and the reading material. For the littler ones that are being read to, you’ll have to keep track for them, but students reading on their own – are able to fill in the data on their own, creating additional responsibility and independence.  A bonus is that the reading logs become a book reference which can help with overall record keeping.

  • When the month’s reading goal (minimum 2 hours per month) is completed, fill out the certificate and take your child to a Kwik Trip to get the free slice of pizza.
  • The responsibility is on you as the parent /homeschool teacher to verify that the goal has been achieved.
  • Students may redeem their certificates up to one month after the date issued.
  • Kwik Trip is sponsoring this program as an award for children who have met their reading goals.  Please use only one certificate per child per month.
  • You can sign up at any time during the school year to participate in Kwik Books through Southwest Wisconsin Homeschools.
  • Just email and as long as I still have a supply of Kwik Books certificates you can still participate.

Yay, pizza for reading!

UPDATE: 2012/2013 details   2013/2014 details

Check the Reading Incentive Page for other programs.

If you are looking for information on having your school or homeschool group participate in the Kwik Books Reading Program, you should contact Kwik Trip’s Corporate Office in La Crosse.

Kwik Trip Inc Kwik Books 2011 signup letter CLICK the image to DOWNLOAD

Here’s the pdf with the information to sign up your school or homeschool group.


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