The Relaxed Homeschool Workshop ~ Onalaska

New Workshop Scheduled
Monday May 21, 2012

For anyone interested in the Relaxed Home School philosophy and want to learn more, we have an exciting opportunity!!!!  Mary Hood will be here for a Monday May 21, 2012 follow up conference.  A number of us had the pleasure of hearing her speak in Oct 2011 on the Relaxed Home School philosophy and application but now we can take our home school program to the next level with this conference.   Mary would be speaking for the entire day on the Methods and Materials of Relaxed Homeschooling.
This program is open to everyone and does not require attendance at her previous session.   Location: Onalaska/La Crosse  Cost:  $20

The Relaxed Home Schooler® Mary Hood

”Relaxed Homeschooling Workshop”

Monday, October 24th, 2011 (9 am-4 pm)

Christ Covenant Church, 3630 County Rd B, La Crosse, WI 54601 Map

Cost:  $15 per person with pre-registration by October 15th
$20 after October 15th   (Spouse may attend free.)  No refunds.

Contact:  Emily Diefenbaugh

Topics will include: What is Relaxed Homeschooling (Hint: it is NOT unschooling),  Family-based learning, Unit studies, record keeping, reading and writing the natural way, taking the frustration out of math, and preparing for college entrance. And so much more!

ARCHERS for the Lord®
(Association of Relaxed Christian Home Educators). Inc.
Psalm 127

Mary Hood has a PhD in education and is an expert on the “Relaxed Home School” method. Mary has home schooled her five children using this method and has written several books.  The titles of her books are: “The Joyful Home Schooler”, “The Relaxed Home School”, “The Enthusiastic Home Schooler” and “Onto the Yellow Bus and Through the Gates of Hell”.

While there are other proponents of the “relaxed method” Mary’s philosophy is a mindset for family-first balance so parents can enjoy their homeschooling while maintaining control over their kid’s education.

“You are a family, not a school.”
~ Mary Hood

I was fortunate to hear Mary speak in person several years ago.  At the time, I was completely frustrated with our own homeschooling efforts.  I was struggling with the dichotomous views of my husband and I.  He wanted school-like structure: strict times, lectures, tests, and recess breaks.  I wanted nature hikes, messy art projects, and cozy places to read.   Eventually it all worked out with prayer and communication.  And as the children grew older, the climate of learning changed.  The main thing is that we are a family and as individuals we each have strengths and weaknesses.  We are an ordinary family.  Our own peculiarities.  Constantly changing priorities.  Emotions.  Stress.  Oh yeah.  Everything in flux.  All of the time.  Above it all, we keep going.  After everything is said and done, I’m just a wife and mom  — and we go through each day together.  We are a family.  Learning and growing always.

Here are a couple of links to learn more about Mary Hood and Relaxed Homeschooling:
Article in Home Educator’s Family Times

Interview with Successful Homeschooling
Summer 2011 The Old Schoolhouse Magazine has an interview on page 84
The Relaxed Home Schooler blog


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