Lab Intensives by Landry Academy

This came up on my radar and it sounds pretty cool if you happen to be able to be in, or can get to these locations.   Imagine a full year’s worth of Life Science with dissections that normally don’t come up until college. 

Also, there is a nearly 40 % discount if you register by Monday….

Space in these lab intensives is very limited and on a first-come, first-served basis. Early registration discount is good through October 3rd, 2011.

Lab Intensives

“Life Science Lab Intensives” are two days packed with college-prep Biology, Anatomy & Physiology, and Microbiology labs.

Complete a year of Biology and Anatomy & Physiology labs in two intense, fun days! 🙂

Some of the Labs We’ll Perform

As part of our Life Science Lab Intensive each student will receive an extensive lab manual, t-shirt, apron, and all the supplies and specimens needed for the labs.

– Autopsy style dissections of sheep (similar to human):
=> Heart
=> Trachea (usually done in college level anatomy labs)
=> Lung (usually done in college level anatomy labs)
=> Brain
=> Pregnant uterus (usually done in college level anatomy labs)

– Experiment to quantify and study diffusion and osmosis
– Plant tissue will be analyzed in an analysis experiment
– Cat full body dissection (usually done in college level anatomy labs)

– Frog dissection
– Fish dissection (Perch)
– Acid / base assessments will be performed on biological tissues
– Metric applications to Biology and medicine
– We’ll isolate human DNA
– Biological fluid and pipette volume assessment
– We’ll study the digestive system using enzyme analysis (usually done in college level biology labs)
– To Investigate to role of specific minerals in plant growth we’ll do a plant analysis (usually done in college level biology labs)
– We’ll do blood type and Rh Factor determinations on each student.
– We’ll prepare and grow bacterial and fungal cultures and do a variety of antibiotic assessments (usually done in college level biology labs)

Read More HERE

– Students will learn how to prepare and critique college-quality lab reports
– Students will record their experiment data, graphs, etc. in their lab manual

Please forward this message to friends and homeschool groups in these areas..

– Rochester NY – October 7-8, 2011
– Pittsburgh PA – October 10-11, 2011
– Columbus OH – October 13-14, 2011
– Albany NY – October 24-25, 2011
– Indianapolis IN – November 16-17, 2011
– Phoenix AZ – January 16-17, 2012
– Albuquerque NM – January 20-21, 2012
– Lexington KY – February 1-2, 2012
– Jacksonville FL – February 9-10, 2012
– Orlando FL – February 14-15, 2012
– Oklahoma City OK – February 27-28, 2012
– Houston TX – March 20-21, 2012
– Austin TX – March 23-24, 2012
– Dallas TX – March 26-27, 2012
– St Louis MO – April 10-11, 2012
– Kansas City MO – April 13-14, 2012
– Omaha NE – April 16-17, 2012
– Cedar Rapids IA – April 20-21, 2012
– Missoula MT – April 24-25, 2012

We also need parents to help in these areas.

Details are here..

Regular Fee is $220
Current Discounted Fee is $136 ($220 – 38% = $136)

Lab Intensive Refund Policy..
90% Refund Available until 10 Days Prior to Event


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