Cougars in Wisconsin – DNR Verified Trail Camera Photo

“It’s obviously a cougar,” confirmed Wisconsin DNR Wildlife Biologist, Adrian Wydeven yesterday after visiting the site just north of Mauston in Juneau County.

This photograph, taken at 9:21 p.m. Sunday, clearly shows a young adult cougar moving against a nighttime background of native grasses.

"You couldn't get a better picture if he stood there and posed for you." Dennis Dodge, Town of Lemonweir, Juneau County - Trail Camera Photo, 9:21 pm, Sunday, October 16, 2011

Wildlife biologists with the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources have confirmed that the photo is legitimate. A trail camera snapped the picture last Sunday. It shows a young adult cougar moving near some high grass.

The landowner hadn’t checked the camera for several days, but the picture had a time stamp on it. It was taken about two miles north of Mauston.

This is the seventh time a trail camera has caught a shot of a cougar in the state, though three of the seven pictures may have been of the same animal.

A cougar is thought by some to have attacked farm animals last year in southwest Juneau County near the communities of Elroy and Wonewoc.  But state officials have never confirmed they were cougar attacks. (See previous post August 2010.)

Now we finally have proof!

Sources for further information:

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