Vaccine Awareness: A Delicate Balance (Maybe this isn’t for you)

Today is the last day of Vaccine Injury Awareness Month.  Did you know?  Me neither.

Here’s an amazing story about one family’s journey and the highly controversial topic of Vaccine Injury.

I’m sharing it because you never know who something may touch.

Maybe this isn’t meant for you…

As I type this two of my kids are reading and arguing over couch space and warm kittens on their laps.  If you have a child near you, stop reading this and give him or her a big hug right now!  You just never know what God has planned next.

Maybe this is meant to encourage you or inspire you…

Cheryl’s a great storyteller, and her honesty will likely touch your heart.  Well, it did mine anyway.   So, maybe do what Jenny says and have the tissues nearby.

Maybe it’s to give you something radical to think about:  Cheryl says, “Vaccine damage.  It’s real.”

Cheryl has gone through a huge learning curve.  Perhaps you can learn from her family’s journey or perhaps you should stop over at Many Hats Mommy and leave a comment.

Maybe today is your day to be an “everyday angel” for someone.  Read this part to understand.

The first parts are from April 2011 (here, here, and here); and the October 2011 parts continue (here, here, and here).  Don’t worry, each part is relatively short.  For some real eye-opening, make sure you read the comments and check some of the links.

Virtual hugs to all the parents out there who have to face the daily world of a special needs child.  My heart and prayers are with you all today.


5 responses to “Vaccine Awareness: A Delicate Balance (Maybe this isn’t for you)

  1. Thank you for linking to Cheryl’s story. I don’t remember if it says this in any of the posts your referred to, but she also has a 25-year old with Asperger’s syndrome. That is how I “met” Cheryl. She has been an amazing source of encouragement and strength to me over the past two years, helping me on my own journey as a special needs son who is an awful lot like her Aspie. She will be touched you took time, not only to read, but also to share. Thank you.


  2. Thank you so much for bravely taking on a very touchy issue. Let me state up front I was told by a doctor in my child pediatric clinic that John had been vaccine damaged…it was not the doctor who I usually saw, and he was holding John’s medical records as he told me. He also in the next breath told me he would not report this damage nor would he or my usual ped. help me file for mandatory compensation. Further more, if I talked, I would be sued for slander…as that office did not report vaccine damage and he would make my life difficult if I talked to anyone. Because of this and a page removed from John’s medical records…we did not receive compensation, but then again 80% of all damaged kids never do. Why did he tell me and then turn on me? So I would put John in a home and stop looking for answers to a problem that could not be solved. He told me to “go have another baby before you get to old, this one is never going to be anything but a burden.” My son is not and never has been…a burden.

    People see vaccines as black and white, with no middle ground and think I do as well. Wrong, the concept is wonderful, it’s the delivery that is flawed. This week the film Greater Good is free to watch. Please watch it to understand more of that gray area so many of us live in. We want safe vaccines and a safe schedule, but right now, we just don’t see it happening.

    Thank you so much for caring and reading. Cheryl Bailey


  3. Thank you so much for taking on a very touchy subject. People think vaccines are a black and white issue with no middle ground. Either you are 110% for them and think other are idiots or you are 110% against vaccines. Nothing could be further from the truth, there is a huge gray area where people like me learned a lot the hard way, yet we still support the concept of vaccines. We simply see the current means full of flaws and wish to see all children have access to safe vaccines. Key word is safe. We have a long way to go to make vaccines safe for all. This week the film Greater Good is free to watch. Please view it to see people caught in the gray area.

    Also yes, I did have a pediatric clinic admit to vaccine damage in one breath and turn on me in the next. They refused to file a report of damage. By the time I learned how and did, John’s statue of limitations ran out and he was not nor will he be allowed to file for compensation. Funny how now doctors who see him freely toss around the word…vaccine damaged…. now.

    I thank you for taking time to read a bit about us and to stop and think about the value of your own sweet children. None of us have any guarantees or warranties with our babies, so enjoy what you get, you will never get a do over day…and oh when they are 18…you will want on so bad!

    Be blessed~ Cheryl Bailey


  4. Thank you for writing about this. More people need to know that there are really risks attached to vaccines!


  5. I didn’t realize how controversial this issue was, and dearly appreciate the positive comments. While I obviously don’t expect everyone to believe what I do, my fervent hope is that people will think and look into things for themselves.


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