Cyber Monday – freebie

Cyber Monday.
Huh. How did I miss this?

Oh well, if you are frazzled out from all of those “can’t live without” deals, here’s an educational freebie for you to check out…

SuperCharged Science Astronomy & Astrophysics FREE Tele-Class!

Take an intergalactic tour of the universe without leaving your seat! Discover massive black holes, neutron stars, and how the sun burps and spits fireballs into space. Learn about how to see Jupiter’s moons tonight, discover the three moons of Earth, and much more!

Thursday, Dec 1 , 2011 at 2pm Central Time

No materials required for this class. Class is carefully structured and presented in a non-evolution, non-creation viewpoint so everyone can participate.
What age is this class for? For K-12 kids that are interested in science, curious about space, black holes, pulsars, telescopes, and more!The class will last about 70 minutes.

Here’s the link to register now for the free class.


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