Yesterday, I said I would give you a hint about something if you came back.

But I’m so excited I’m gonna spill the beans.

The Homeschool Book Sale in Westby this coming Friday is having several door prize giveaways

and I’m leaking the news here.

Among other prizes, adults attending the Homeschool Book Sale have a chance to win 3 different books…

Mashed Potatoes: A Little Brother Story by Graham Koens
(written and illustrated by homeschool graduates!)

The Imperfect Homeschooler’s Guide to Homeschooling by Barbara Frank, Cardamom Publishers

Setting the Records Straight by Lee Biz, The HomeScholar

So, if you are reading this and planning on coming to the Homeschool Book Sale in Westby this Friday, lucky you!

But don’t stop reading yet!

Since not all of my readers are close enough to get to the HUGE Homeschool Book Sale in Westby Friday May 11th, 2012 and will miss out on the chance to win one of the door prizes…

I’m doing my first blog give-away.

Spread the word and help me get more followers. (United States only, please.)

When I get to 100, I’ll have a special free prize to give-away. Shouldn’t be too much to ask, right?

I’ll leak what it is when we get closer to the goal.

2012 Homeschool Book Sale

 Friday, May 11th 2012,   4 pm to 8 pm

 Westby Community Center
206 North Main Street, Westby Wisconsin 54667

(lower level of the Westby Library)

 Open to the Public ~ Free Admission

35 plus sellers

Educational and Teacher Resources and Materials
and Lots More!

Door Prizes

Informational Displays 



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