Monday Distraction: Art, Poetry, and Sparta

First, I was going to post about a neat little art space where you can digitally splash paint and create your own Jackson Pollock style art. 

Then I found an interesting slide show about how teaching and education are changing with the challenges and opportunities available in the digital world.

But Sparta is on my mind.

June 7th is “Take A Poem To Lunch” at the Deke Slayton and Bicycle Museum on the corner of West Main and Court Streets in Sparta. It begins at noon. Bring your sack lunch. The event is free and open to everyone.

You can come and share a story, a book, music, art – not just poetry.   You don’t even have to have anything to share, really.  People need people to just be an audience.  (Phew… That takes the pressure off my having to recite the “Tale of Custard The Dragon!”)

“It’s such a great resource and forum for us as homeschoolers.”

In the past, this was a welcome venue for the community and especially for homeschoolers.  But the attendance for this quarterly event has dwindled over time, and the new museum director has said that it will only be held in December from now on.  Seeing what a great resource and forum for us as homeschoolers, Lisa Brabant took a deep breath and offered herself up as a speaker for what may wind up being the last June “Take A Poem To Lunch”.

Did you know that Sparta was once a spa resort town with mineral artesian springs? 

Lisa will talk about the story of the settling of Sparta  and her inspiration for writing the book, “The History of Sparta Wisconsin, Illustrated.”  The book includes more than 40 pen and ink illustrations in it, first-hand accounts from early Sparta settlers, and a lot of interesting information for those who light like to know “what came before.”  Lisa is planning to tell about how different Sparta once was.  “It was once a spa resort town, you know, with mineral artesian springs.  There were 2 Grand Hotels with doctors in attendance that managed mineral baths for people who would travel hundreds of miles to partake.”

Please come.  Please invite others.  Please bring a talent of your own to share.

So, come on out and help keep this resource of the “Take a Poem to Lunch” at the Museum going.  If this June program doesn’t go over well, it probably means curtains for it.  We will have lost a community gathering opportunity for us, as homeschoolers.


Over the weekend my son got a puppy  —  a 9 week old part black labrador, blue heeler, and english shepherd.  My son has named the pup, Sparta;  just so that he can say, “THIS IS SPARTA!” when he introduces the dog to someone.

And right now, Sparta is adorably – yet insistently – whining to go outside.


2 responses to “Monday Distraction: Art, Poetry, and Sparta

  1. I finally got over here to check out your website! Nicely done… I will be adding you to my bookmarks.
    I shared the Mr. Rogers video on Facebook – for some reason it cracked me up. 🙂
    Cute pic of Sparta the pup… hope all is still going well…


    • Hey thanks! Now that I know others may be looking, it’ll keep me on my toes.

      I thought the Mister Rogers video brought his memory to a whole new level 🙂

      Sparta the pup seems to be adapting well to our family — he survived the first encounter with our cats and got away with just a scratch!


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