Curiosity Meets Mars

NASA’s Mars Science Laboratory Curiosity (Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech)

It uses 76 rockets and explosive devices, travels at 13,000 MPH and must place a vehicle the size of a car on the Martian surface as gently as a feather falling to Earth.  Incredible.

Official coverage of the landing of NASA’s Curiosity rover will begin on NASA TV  at 8:30 p.m. Pacific and 11:30 p.m. Eastern on Sunday August 5th, 2012.

Ahh, the smell of Mars in the evening…

Landing on Mars?  THIS is real science.  THIS is what inspires kids to want to learn more, to create and invent.

What’s the first “woo hoo” moment NASA is expecting when landing on Mars?

“There’s so much cool stuff to look at” from the first view of Mars surface. The cameras on Curiosity are exponentially advanced from previous missions of Spirit and Opportunity.

Your questions answered – live streaming from NASA here:

Once the rover has landed it will begin a two-year investigatory mission to explore one of the most interesting areas of Mars.  It will be hunting for evidence of microbes and collecting a host of data and images from the red planet.

The robot, which is the size of a car, will take seven minutes to land and is due on Mars at 5.31am GMT on August 6.

Want your kids to appreciate the incredible wonder and magnificence of our universe?

Don’t miss this (or at least the replay).

You could do a whole science unit on it!

When Neil Armstrong took that small step for mankind thousands sat with mouths open watching.  Many children were inspired to become scientists and engineers because of new discoveries and opportunities.

Share this magic with your kids.  They deserve to experience how incredible a voyage into space really is.

List of links and options to follow Curiosity.

And maybe they’ll realize that they can somehow be a part of something like this someday.

Maybe travelling to space
Maybe inventing things to make life easier
Maybe finding cures for disease.

Or maybe just having an appreciation for how incredible human beings can be when they work together.

Whatever it is for them (and for you)…

Share this voyage into the wonderful world that our God created.

List of links and options to follow Curiosity.


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