Newsletter: Southwest Wisconsin Homeschool Community Communiqué October 15, 2012

Southwest Wisconsin Homeschool Community Communiqué October 15, 2012

1. Homeschool Sports
2. Aviation Class and Lego Club
3. Field Trips
4. Clubs/Groups and Other News

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Hi There!
Initially, I thought about sending a little newsletter every other week or so, but maybe you noticed that I haven’t.  Instead I’ve been posting things here  and here.
What works best for you?  Drop me a line or add a comment below.

1. Homeschool Sports

Tri County Athletics 2012 Basketball Season will begin on Monday, November 5th.. You should let TCA know by October 15th if your child(ren) will be playing basketball  so that games and practices can be scheduled.  Practices will be held in the Westby Elementary school gym and/or the Pleasant Ridge Waldorf School in Viroqua.
Teams available:
BOYS Junior High (5th grade & up)
BOYS JV & Varsity High School
GIRLS Junior High/JV (6th grade & up)
GIRLS Varsity High School
Check the Blazers website for details on fees, etc.; or contact

Coulee Christian School in West Salem is once again accepting Homeschoolers to play on their basketball teams.
Teams are as follows:
5-6th grade Girls – practice from 3-4 pm
5-6th grade Boys – practice from 3-4 pm
7-8th grade Girls – practice from 3:30-5 pm
7-8th grade Boys – practice from 3:30-5 pm
Practices will begin on MONDAY, October 29th and run on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Fridays. There will NOT be practices or games on Wednesdays. Saturday games will only be if there is a tournament. There will be a meeting after practice on 1st day to receive schedule and discuss fee, volunteering, and season.  COACHES are still needed for the 5-6 girls team and 5-6 boys team.  Please contact Kathy Malone, Athletic Director

The Lighthouse Lightning Homeschool Teams, Hillsboro will be starting our basketball season on Monday, November 12th.  We play 2 to 3 times per week on Mon., Tues., or Fri. practicing in New Lisbon and Camp Douglas.  Our season ends in early to middle February. Transportation to practices from Hillsboro is provided.  Any Homeschool girls or boys, 7th-12th grade, are invited to participate.  For more information, please contact Terri Lawver

Tri-State Homeschool Cross Country – Platteville  FLYING FLAMINGOS CROSS COUNTRY RUNNING CLUB WILL BE COMPETING Sat., 10/20/12 in Milwaukee for the Homeschool State Championship.  Last year our team took FIRST PLACE!  Let’s do it again!  GO PINK!  Let’s hear it for our Flying Flamingos!  A Big Thanks goes out to John & Wendy Mirth for coaching our team.

***Added 10/17/12***  Monroe County Warriors Homeschool Basketball – Sparta will begin their season November 6th. Practices will be Tuesdays and Thursdays at the Barney Center in Sparta. JV boys and girls will practice from noon – 1:30pm, Varsity boys and girls need to be there at 1pm.  (JV is 5th grade – 8th and Varsity is 9th – 12th.   Some players may play both teams at coaches discretion.)  Fees are $100 per player.  Players and Parents Meeting date to be announced. Contact:  Jonathan Unverzagt,

2. Aviation Class and Lego Club

AVIATION EDUCATION FOR KIDS October  20th  Topic: Head to Jerry Zuhlke’s house south of Kendall to see the Zenith 750 aircraft he’s building in his garage. Meet at flight office and caravan from there at 7:40pm   The Tomah EAA chapter offers free aviation classes for kids (adults are welcome too) at the Tomah airport flight office the 3rd Sat. of every month from 7:30-9:30pm. Each Flying Eagle class attended earns free flying time with the pilot.  If the student is tall enough to reach the rudder pedals that student will be allowed to sit in the pilot seat and do some basic maneuvers in the dual control airplane. All classes are free & open to anyone.  Tomah airport has 1 Certified Flight Instructor. For more info contact Gordon Stelter at 372-4728.  Also check out: , Aviation Class and Legos

Monroe Lego Club: This isn’t a homeschool-specific event (though lots of homeschoolers come!), so please spread the word. No RSVP needed. Usually we get about 10-20 kids, mostly boys 8-12.
The Monroe Lego Club is an informal building session for anyone who loves to design and play with Legos and connect with other Lego enthusiasts. Date: Saturday, Nov. 3, 1:00 – 3:00 pm Where: Community Room, Monroe Public Library PLEASE NOTE:  This is a “creative building session” and not an instructed or supervised class. Parents are responsible for supervising their own children.  Legos will be provided to use during these building sessions. Please do not bring your own Legos for building to avoid mix ups.  Feel free to bring one of your favorite Lego projects you made to share in the “viewing gallery” during the Building Sessions.  There is no cost or fee to join the Monroe Lego Club – just a love of Legos! No pre-registration needed.  All participants are expected to be respectful, cooperative, and follow Club rules while having fun. QUESTIONS? Lisa Kivirist

Lego Night at Mauston library community room, 111 West State St. 1st Thursday of each month 3:30 – 4:30. Ages 6 on up.  Legos will be provided… come and create.  The library’s Lego collection includes traditional Legos along with pieces from Star Wars, Lego Mindstorms, and Bionicle.

3. Field Trips

Cranberry Harvest Tour  – Tuesday, October 30th at 1:00pm Valley Corporation Cranberries, Ed & Ann Grygleski, 7845 State Hwy 173, Tomah *Sign Up by emailing Laura F* 
Ann needs a head count so she can have snacks ready.  She will also be selling cranberries in bulk, unsorted, for $1.00/lb so she needs to know ahead of time how many pounds you want to purchase so she can have it ready.  We will be walking or driving to several of the beds being harvested.  We will hopefully see all the processes of harvesting:  beating off berries, corralling the berries, getting berries out of the beds, and trucking/delivering of the berries.  You may want to dress warm.  There’s lots of water so it feels a bit colder than you’d expect.  It might be muddy from the trucks on the dirt road, so wear sturdy shoes.  Everyone will get to taste cranberries and other cranberry snacks & juice after the tour, with handouts for recipes and cranberry facts.  There is lots of water and heavy equipment.  All parents/adults please keep children safe during the tour.

Old World Wisconsin Homeschool Days – Oct 29 and 30th, 10 am – 3 pm   No Registration Required. Homeschool Days are specially designed field trip days for small educational groups touring Old World Wisconsin. You’ll meet costumed interpreters and have access to the interactive activities of structured field trips and be able to move around the site at your own pace. You will have the opportunity to visit your choice of areas, including: The 1870s Crossroads Village (Industrialization, Entrepreneurs); The Norwegian Area (Immigration); The German Area (Farm Hands, Life on a Farm); Harmony Town Hall and Sanford Farm (Family Pastimes); The Finnish Area and the African American Area will be open with limited programming. Cost $9 per child (5-17) One free adult admission with 1-5 child admissions, $13 per additional adult. Prices include all-day use of our tram.

Science Technology Engineering Math  = STEM!
STEMfest 2012 – October 20th, 10 AM to 5 PM Northern IL University in DeKalb, IL. Hundreds of activities that range in complexity to entertain people of all ages; to increase awareness of the critical role science and other STEM fields play in our world every day. Including: Hands-on activities such as navigating a laser maze; Exhibitors such as NIU’s Davis Hall Observatory; Demonstrations of technologies and intriguing science phenomena including our popular Creepy Chemistry and Haunted Physics Labs.

Oct. 20-21, Civil War Days Reenactment near Joliet, Ill. The events are held at the Dollinger Family Farms, where the family house was a stop on the stagecoach line and doubled as a tavern. There will be kid’s games, drills, a fashion show and narration before the 2 p.m. Saturday battle and 2:30 p.m. Sunday battle.

Creation Conference at Living Waters in Westby October 26-27. (Available to Homeschoolers!) Living Waters Bible Camp seeks to be a premier Christian resource for Creation teaching in the Midwest! We believe that the camp experience is a tool that God has used for years to bring individuals and families closer to Him as they learn more about His creation. Join us this fall for a premier creation teaching and training experience! Featuring sessions on: The Riddle of Dinosaurs – (for children and adults); Critical Thinking and Origins; Apologetics; Cloning Stem Cells and Life.  Download the 2012 Fall Creation or register online.

Bill Nye The Science Guy is making his way to Minnesota. Thursday, October 18, 2012 from 2:00 PM to 3:00 PM (CDT) Saint Paul, MN  If you’re in town, check out this free in-person event at the Science Museum of Minnesota.  And for our friends outside of Minnesota, we will share a recorded version of the presentation to for all of you to see.

***Added 10/17/12***  A Weekend with Steve & Annie Chapman Hartland, Friday & Saturday; October 19-20, 2012  Marriage Seminar sponsored by Wisconsin Christian Home Educators Association. This weekend will be a blessing and encouragement to everyone- whether you are single, engaged, married, or hope to be married. This event is open to all.

4. Clubs/Groups and Other News

New Gym being rehabbed from old store next to Cornerstone Christian Academy in Viroqua. This could mean that local Homeschoolers may be able to use the space for PE classes, etc.  Want to know more? Want to help it happen?  *** Click here for a nice article in the Vernon Broadcaster about the GYM.***

For homeschool families interested in speech or debate, here are 3 opportunities to either observe other students competing OR to enter your students in the competition.   At all 3 of these meets, we will see speeches at various stages of preparation–some might not even be memorized yet.   However, the experience is almost always a great one for every participant.   Giving a speech in competition, in front of real judges, is very motivating.  And, the feedback the judges give on the “ballots” includes encouragement for what was done well and tips for ways to improve.
1.   A Debate-only practice tournament in Blaine, MN, on Friday/Saturday, Nov. 9 & 10.  This is only for debaters (2 styles–team policy and Lincoln-Douglas), but any interested homeschool families are welcome to observe (and adults may judge if they would like to!).
2.   A Novice and Junior practice tournament in Milwaukee on Tuesday, Dec. 4, 9 a. m. to 6:30 p. m.   This includes speech and debate.   “Juniors” are students not 12 yo as of Jan. 1, 2013.   “Novices” are students 12 and over on Jan. 1, who have not competed at an official NCFCA tournament before.
3.   A Practice meet for Juniors and Seniors in Platteville on Friday, Dec. 14.   More details to come.   Again, Juniors are under 12; Seniors are 12 and over as of Jan. 1.   This is speech and debate, novices and experienced.
These practice meets are for homeschool students only, though they do not have to be members of our league, NCFCA.   Observers are generally welcome–adults may be asked to judge, but can, of course, decline.    ttp://

Homeschoolers and Friends Autumn Dance October 27 at the Gays Mills ‘Old Main Community Bldg.’ For ages 13-19. Cost $5 by Oct. 19th or $8 at the door. Read the Autumn Dance Ticket2 for registration info. The dress for this dance is “traditional church dress” (dress or skirt for girls, and dress pants and shirt for boys, no jeans), no tie or suit required for the guys. Please no long shirt or short dress/ skirt with leggings. If you would like to help with decorations email or call. We will hold back a little with the decorations to deck it out for the Christmas Dance – tentatively planned for December 1.

Hunger and Homelessness Poster Contest to support National Hunger and Homelessness Awareness Week (November 12-16, 2012). – Posters are due October 19th.  Open to K through 5th graders in Southwest Wisconsin – Homeschoolers, too!  Sponsored by the Southwest Regional Housing Coalition. Last year over 500 posters were received from schools throughout our 13 counties. Children put down on paper the struggles that are faced by people in our communities who go without food or shelter.  There will be 3 winners in each age group. Details: Teacher timeline memo and Hunger and Homelessness Toolkit 2012

This little communiqué is an attempt to aggregate some things that hopefully are of interest to you, without loading up your inbox.  Newsletters will be archived on the site, so you don’t have to keep track of a bunch of separate emails.  So, what do you think… 

Does this work for you? How often would you like to see something like this?  What other events etc. would you like to see included?
Share them by
leaving a comment below.  Or drop me a line
Until next time,

Southwest Wisconsin Homeschool Community Communiqué October 15, 2012

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