Everything Must Be Drawn in 3D First

I can’t draw a stick figure to save my life.
Drawing is for artists, not regular people.
Not everyone is cut out to be an “artist.”
Kids need to learn math, science, engineering, and history.
Drawing is a talent, not a skill that can be learned.
My kids doodle a lot and enjoy art/craft projects, but we can’t afford art classes.

Sound like you?

You want to give your kids a chance to learn and experience things, right?

Did you know, that everything must be drawn in three dimension before it can be manufactured?

Draw in 3D First – (video 1) link

(video 2) link

Sometimes I feel like homeschooling is like throwing spaghetti at the wall. Sometimes it sticks.

Drawing Classes can be like that.

So, here’s something to try…

Best selling author/illustrator and PBS Emmy award-winning Mark Kistler has taken his live workshops online, with Mark Kistler’s Virtual Classroom. Now, thanks to the power of web-casting, you can sign up for live, real-time lessons with Mark himself, teaching you over the Internet from the comfort of your home. Every class is live and interactive. Ask questions (via chat), post your artwork into the student gallery, get an opportunity for personal encouragement, and, best of all, draw with Mark in real-time.

Mark Kistler taught my kiddoes to draw!

When my kiddoes were little, we used to watch Public Television shows in the afternoons. We watched “This Old House”, “Mister Rogers”, “ZOOM”; all sorts of cooking shows (my older son has said that he learned to cook from Julia Child), even “Lawrence Welk.  And we watched a lot of “Mark Kistler’s Imagination Station.”

Way back in 2004, there was an author event at my local Barnes and Noble Book Store. I herded my kiddoes together to attend a free art class with the one-and-only Mark Kistler. I was pretty “star-struck” about getting to meet Mr. Kistler, and was trying to keep one of my littles occupied prior to the class starting. Then, there he was coming around a bookshelf… He stuck out his hand and said, “Hi, I’m Mark.” Seriously, I couldn’t speak, and probably responded with just a dithery grin on my face.  That short class was a fantastic introduction to the idea of three-dimensional drawing and the fact that everyone can be taught to draw.  Mark’s simple techniques and enthusiasm had toddlers to grandparents drawing.  “Markypoo” signed the sketches from the class and gave them away to the younger students.  (We still have ours!)

“Mom, wouldn’t it be neat to get Mark Kistler to do art classes for our homeschool group?”  That was when we really started our drawing experience with Mark.  I still remember when he called me on the phone – I was speechless (again), it was almost a replay of the dithery grin episode.  Mark was so nice and his assistant was so helpful in working it all out.  Mark taught three 2 hour back-to-back art classes to about 150 homeschooled kids in one day!  Everyone learned and enjoyed the classes. Even if they couldn’t draw a straight line!  Mark was so calm and cool, even when one of the kids pulled the building’s fire alarm (yes, it was my kid).  Then came the homeschool summer camp sessions!  Mark did week-long summer art camps. In 2 locations.  For 3 consecutive years.  Woo Hoo! Those were great times.  My kiddoes still talk about it. And my kiddoes still draw almost every day.

The thing is, Mark is just a really good teacher. He’s funny, just a wee bit zany,  and sometimes loud:) — and he adds details about biology, history, astronomy, architecture, and geography into the narrative as he draws along with the students. His captivating style will have parents picking up a pencil, too!

Live From Houston, It’s Mark Kistler!

Harness the educational power of distance learning technology with Mark Kistler’s world famous, energetically zany LIVE teaching style!
You can purchase a subscription to Mark’s Virtual Art Classroom directly.  Or for a limited time, you can sign up with the Homeschool Buyer’s Coopand get in on their special offer.

You still have a chance to try the class out for yourself!
Mark is offering the virtual classes for FREE through October 30th!  

Here is how you get access:
1. Visit www.markkistlerlive.com
2. Look at the site and look at last weeks drawing lessons in the “Lesson Gallery”.
3. Go to the “Contact” tab and send Mark Kistler an email requesting your free “Be My Guest” Pass.

Class Times: Saturday’s at 10:00 am, noon CST; Monday’s and Tuesdays at 10:00am, 2:00pm, 6:00pm, 8:30pm CST

The classes are LIVE internet video streamed. All times are CST (Central Standard Time), LIVE from Houston Texas! Currently he has students in Taiwan, South Africa, Canada, UK, and all over the USA…all drawing with him weekly LIVE.  Is this cool or WHAT?!

You don’t need a camera or microphone, you will be communicating with Mark via built-in student texting, hand raising and response icons. You will need, a laptop or desktop computer (iPads and tablets are not compatible at this time) and High speed Internet access (you will be streaming “Skype” type real time video).

My family hooked up to the virtual classroom last Saturday. I had a technical glitch and had to restart my computer (with Internet Explorer instead of Chrome) so I wasn’t able to respond when he welcomed us to the class.  But I’m sure most of you will be able to figure it out quicker than me (wink). {We did much better today. My 13 yr old son drew some really awesome eyeballs!} This is cutting edge cool technology that’s getting more popular and accessible as schools start to flip their classrooms. Homeschoolers are starting to step up to the tech-challenge.

Don’t forget a pencil and some paper for an AWESOME drawing adventure!  Give it a try. It’s fun for kids and parents alike.  We’ll be doing this again ourselves.

Mark Kistler’s Live Virtual Drawing Class

This was originally posted in the October 22, 2012 edition of “Southwest Wisconsin Homeschool Community Communiqué.”
You may subscribe to future issues by sending an email to  http://www.swischomeschools.wordpress.com.


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