{Newsletter} SW Wisc Homeschools Oct. 31, 2012

Southwest Wisconsin Homeschool Community Communiqué October 31, 2012

1. Wind Map
2. Gloria Home-School Choir Concert
3. Classes, Field Trips, Groups, Clubs
4. Six Flags Reading Program

There’s been a lot of spooky stuff going on over the past week or so. From harvest to Halloween, a sudden chill in the air, huge storms covering the Atlantic coast and many miles inland, and the countdown to Election Day, I for one am still trying to wrap my head around it all.  Please understand that there is no voodoo going on here. I’m just a mom trying to help out others in this great homeschool journey. Homeschooling doesn’t always make life perfect. At least not in my house! Here’s this week’s newsletter with warm thoughts and prayers for you and yours. Be safe. ~ Cat ~

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Quote of the Week: “Imagination does not stir at the suggestion of the feeble, much-diluted stuff that is too often put into children’s hands”  Charlotte Mason (Vol. 1, p. 294)

1.  Visualizing America’s Wind Patterns  I’ve always thought live, animated wind maps were a beautiful favorite science visualization, but Sandy’s swirling, massive footprint of stormy chaos is turning the whole eastern half of the country into “Starry Night”!  

The WIND MAP site offers up a beautiful animated “real time” wind map of the United States. See which way the weather is blowing in your neck of the woods and elsewhere at this very moment. A great tool for your meteorology studies and it is also fun to just watch it blow.

2. Gloria Home-School Choir Concert 
In just 8 short weeks, a group of 16 homeschooled students from the Hillsboro area, has been transformed into a beautiful, vocal symphony of praise. 
You are invited to join us for the first-ever:

Gloria Home-School Choir Concert.  Friday, November 2, 2012  –  7 pm at Burr Wesleyan Church, S1728 County Highway V, in Hillsboro. Admission is free.  Come, bring a friend and enjoy the music of George F. Handel, Henry Purcell, William Boyce, John Rutter, and more.

The  Gloria Home-School Choir is  a newly-forming organization of home-schooled singers ranging in age from 9 years and up.  Our purpose is to glorify God through skillful and artistic music presentations, while teaching our students the art of proper singing and musicianship.

3.  Classes, Field Trips, Groups, Clubs

  • Field trip at Living Waters Bible Camp in Westby Thursday, November 8th,  4pm – 9pm   *Laura F needs answers by Sunday Nov. 4*
    There are 3 classes being offered.  Each class costs $2.50/school aged student.  If you’re signing up for all 3 the cost is $7.50/student.  Adults & children 4 & under are free, but adults are counted in the max. number of people in the class. Classes are:
    Creation Museum (max. 18 people/tour) – there will be 2 tours offered so the max. will be 36 people. Nature displays, a star display, Creation videos, extensive nature library, six-day creation layout.  This format is both Biblically- and scientifically-based. Inside, you’ll find various hands-on areas to investigate God’s works, a laser display, a star constellation board, an iridescent rock display, multiple insect displays and over 200 mounted specimens including (bald eagle, black bear, bobcat, fox, golden eagle, horned owl & more).
    Creator’s Creatures   (max. 18 people/tour) – there will be 2 tours offered so the max. will be 36 people. Meet the animals that call LWBC home, and learn how God has created them each.
    Night Sky Adventure (max. 50 people) We should have a clear view of Jupiter by 7:30pm that evening.  There will be 3 stations that the group rotates through: Mapping the night sky, Viewing the night sky with binoculars, Observatory.
  • Natural Care Class — Herbs & Natural Remedies for Colds & Flu. Thursday, November 15th, 6:30pm, at Three Rivers Chiropractic in Onalaska
    *Cost:   $5.00 per person. Register Online  (Registration Required, Seating is Limited)
    Amber Kaiser, CH, C.N.H.P. will share recipes using herbs and common ingredients found in the home. In this class we will learn how to make traditional remedies used for cold & flu symptoms by using simple items commonly found in the house & kitchen.   This class also provides demonstrations on how to make herbal remedies including Elderberry Syrup and homemade cough syrup. This is a great opportunity to learn about herbs that are used for colds & flu, preventatives, and a way to save money and work to prevent OTC medication use. Homeschoolers Welcome! (recommended age 12 yrs & up)
  • H and H Karate studio owners Curt and Donald Hickok would like to offer homeschool karate lessons during the day for those who are interested. The studio is located in Onalaska. Email.
  • Any Homeschoolers interested in a regular opportunity for an Open Gym Class in the Westby / Viroqua area?  The new gym is ready!  Let me know if you’re interested and we’ll put something together.

4. Register for Read to Succeed 2012-2013
Registration is fast and easy. You can register yourself and download the necessary reading logs in just a couple of minutes (you do not need to submit your student names at this time — you can do that after they finish their reading. If you are a school Read to Succeed Coordinator you can register all of your teachers during one fairly quick visit to the site. The 2012-2013 registration process is completely new, so if you have registered in past years you will need to create a new account.

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Southwest Wisconsin Homeschool Community Communiqué


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