{Newsletter} SW Wisc Homeschools March 22, 2013

Southwest Wisconsin Homeschool Community Communiqué

March 22, 2013

1.  Homeschool Family Camps
2.  Booksales & Conferences
3.  Deals and Freebies
4.  Classes, Field Trips, Groups, Clubs
5.  Music, Faith, and Community – WCNP FM 89.5

Happy First Days of Spring!  There’s still a good cover of white stuff on the ground where I sit, so it’s hard to tell – and it’s cold and feels nothing like spring yet.  At least the sun is shining beautifully into my window, which always makes me happy.  (You, too?) 

Maple syrupping (is that a word?) is happening and farmers are working in their greenhouses.  Word is out that some Homeschoolers may even be “plotting” together on the community garden in Westby

March in Wisconsin is known to be a fickle month.  We can have weather that’s meant for sledding and cross-country skiing or bike riding and canoeing.  Remember last year ‘s record 82 degrees in mid-March?   Some say that’s climate manipulation. Maybe it’s God’s way of telling us that He is not “mother nature.”  

Change in the weather is as constant as just about everything else.  So, let’s stay in touch – check the Calendar Page, facebook, Pinterest (!) .  Stuff has been getting posted in various places.  While my plan is to have this out bi-monthly, sometimes life happens instead.   You can always give me a little push by providing publishable information and content.   Go ahead and give me a holler.  Until next time, Cat

1. Homeschool Family Camps – 2 choices!

Homeschool Family Camp, Wyalusing State Park,  April 29th – May 1st

Campfires – potluck dinners – make new friends – hiking – talent show – volleyball – informal sharing and support for moms and dads – educational programs – ball games – crafts.  This event is open to all homeschoolers willing to travel to the location!

If you’ve been tempted to give Home School Family Camp a try this year now’s the time to make the commitment.  Cost is $12 per person for the 2-night stay.  Payment due upon reservation.  Space is limited. (Max occupancy 108.)  Email for more info.

Here is what others have had to say…

  • Family camp is a great time to bond with other families!
  • I have to say it was one of the highlights of my year!  Maegen – Platteville
  • My kids really enjoyed the “sleepover”, playing games, scavenger hunts and of course “Talent Night”!
  • It was a joy to watch our stage shy daughter get up and try out her guitar skills during the talent show, and to see our kids totally at ease with a variety of age groups. Theresa – Brodhead

homeschool family camp living waters westby
Homeschool Family Camp, Living Waters Bible Camp, April 29th – May 3rd

Parent Sessions, Group activities, Horseback riding, Creation training, Thematic programs, Creation museum, Climbing tower, Zip line, Hiking, Team building, Nature center, Family games, and Crafts.

Take this week to step out of the busy world and refocus on God’s purpose for you and your family. By exploring God’s Word and God’s Creation we will discover how God has called each of us to be His “Mighty Servants.”

Rates include meals, lodging for 4 Nights and program activities. Part-time options and large family (4 or more children ) discounts available.  If possible, please register online. Brochure.

2.  Booksales & Conferences

Are you in need of new curriculum for next year?

March, April, and May is prime time to get yourself to a convention, conference, or book fair.  We’ve got them all listed here and will be adding updates as more info becomes available.

Homeschool used book sales are a GREAT way to pick up inexpensive curricula and expand your library of educational materials.

Homeschool conventions can help you solve particular challenges, research curriculum, network with other Homeschoolers, soak up knowledge from workshops , listen to speakers, and recharge yourself.  Before you go, make a list of your top priority sessions and vendors, so you don’t miss them while you try to compact everything offered into your time.

Check out the full listing of  Book Fairs and Conferences.

Don’t have the time or funds to travel to a conference?  Healthy Life Summit is a free virtual online conference happening March 24-30, 2013.  Sign Up here.

The Healthy Life Summit features 35 presenters, including: Joel Salatin, Sally Fallon Morell, author of Nourishing Traditions, Sarah Pope (The Healthy Home Economist), Heather Dessinger (Mommypotamus), Jenny McGruther (Nourished Kitchen), Birke Baehr (14-year-old Future Organic Farmer), Robyn O’Brien (The Unhealthy Truth and founder of Allergykids.com), Dr. Kaayla Daniel (The Whole Soy Story), Jeffrey Smith (Seeds of Deception), and many more!  * Each day’s presentations will only be streaming for 24 hours.

3. Deals and Freebies

4.  Classes, Field Trips, Groups, Clubs

*Please make contact with each as listed for more information.   In the interest of privacy, some contact information is not published in the newsletter. “Email for more info” means that your request will be forwarded to the person or group.  

  • Homeschool Family Gym Sessions have been scheduled at The G.Y.M. in Viroqua through the end of April. Contact.
  • Homeschool Parent Meeting on Monday, March 25th in Westby.  The topic will be “Spirit-filled Home Schooling,” what it is and isn’t.  All home educating parents are welcome.  Light refreshments will be provided.  Email for more info.  Annual Vernon County Homeschool Showcase (Show ‘N Tell/Talent Show) will be Sat., April 13th in Viroqua.
  • Minutes in Motion – Team Driftless Homeschool
    It’s said that if you make exercise and activity part of your day, just 30 minutes is all you need to do something good for yourself.  Minutes in Motion is a six-week physical activity challenge that begins Monday, March 25 to encourage you to Improve your health and your attitude by getting 30 minutes of exercise a day.
    It’s pretty simple, just keep track of the minutes of activity and exercise you do for 6 weeks.  There is an activity log that you can use.  Also, there are prize drawings when you register and submit at least 1,260 total minutes.
    Sign-up is online and kids can be included. It’s just name, gender, age range, zip code, and an email contact. The team registration code is: 23281 – search for which should come up on your confirmation when you plug in  DRIFTLESS HOMESCHOOL GROUP as the team on the drop down menu under Employer/Company team.
    Which looks sort of like this: Employer * (Search for Driftless Homeschool Group)
    Let’s keep each other moving!
  • Speech and Debate Presentation Day, March 28th, 9:30 am – 1pm (lunch will be provided) in Hillsboro. Hosted by the Cognito Speech & Debate Club.  You will see: several platform speeches presented by students,  an Apologetics speech activity,  a nearly full length debate, as presented by debate class, on a new and timely debate topic.  RSVP to inform us of your plans to attend.

5.  Music, Faith, and Community – WCNP FM 89.5

Turn your radio on . . .” April 5!  That is the projected date for the commencement of the new local Christian radio station—WCNP  FM 89.5—being founded by one of the Hillsboro Area Homeschoolers, Dennis Baldridge.  WCNP 89.5 is an independent, community-supported, non-commercial, educational radio station serving central and southern Wisconsin. Located in Baraboo, WI, WCNP will broadcast with a transmitter output of 6.5kW serving Baraboo, Madison, Reedsburg, Wisconsin Dells and surrounding vicinities. (Thanks for the tip, Mary Jo!) Find the vision for the station here.  Read about the final preparations for broadcasting here.

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Southwest Wisconsin Homeschool Community Communiqué
March 22, 2013


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