FREE Online class: Rocketry and Spaceflight

Aurora Lipper of Supercharged Science has a free online class that’s perfect for homeschoolers on Wednesday, May 8th at noon (Pacific Time).

Blast yourself skyward with this hands-on class which will investigate the world of rocketry.

Aurora says, “If your kids are interested in science (or you wish they were) but science isn’t your forte or you often don’t have time to teach it, then this class is definitely for you and your children.” She’s teaching it LIVE and it’s on one of her favorite topics:

Rocketry and Spaceflight!

If you want to register now, go here to reserve a spot (it’s free). In case you don’t know, Aurora Lipper is a homeschool mom and actually a real rocket scientist.  She used to work for NASA, experimented with supersonic and hypersonic flight and did PhD work at Stanford University on jet propulsion engines. You are invited on an adventure where your kids will learn about rocket engines, fin design, and how to make their own working rockets.  During the class, you’ll even get to build and launch a simple rocket (don’t worry, it’s completely safe for all ages).

You can register for this FREE class here.

P.S. She’s going to give away hundreds of dollars of free science kits to people who join in on this class, plus EVERYONE who participates will get a special free bonus.

Register here to save a spot

PLUS: In case you haven’t heard, Supercharged Science has donated the following PRIZES that will be given away at the Home Educators Book Fair in Viroqua this Friday, May 10th.

1 set of the “Ultimate Science Curriculum” on DVD-ROM in Astronomy, Magnetism, and Electricity. These are comprehensive teacher-student worksheets with videos of over 150 science experiments. (Retail: $197)

20 “Ultimate Science Activity Series” DVD which has a guidebook and videos of Aurora’s favorite science experiments. (Retail: $7)


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