God’s World News

God’s World News: Critical thinking delivered.

Click the icon for a prototype issue of “Trak.”

Critical thinking skills are a key measure of a Christian education. God’s World News trains students in critical thinking, with a biblical foundation. Because critical thinking is biblical thinking.

In six levels from Pre-K through high school, each version touches on core subjects to help students develop the  critical thinking they need to make sound life decisions. Economics, science, religion, history, media – it’s all current and all prepared for you.

See samples

If you’re not sure which level to get, you can view sample issues, biographies, lessons (and answers).  Click on the grade level edition button at the bottom of the page.  Each one will open to a new page —- click SAMPLE in the box on the upper right.

Here’s a sample issue of “God’s Big World.”


Other content is reserved for current GWNews subscribers.  Your subscription gets you a BONUS sign-up for emails with even more resources:  downloadable lessons, biographies, activities, etc.  Plus digital issues are available to subscribers.

Teaching Help:  You want your homeschool students to “get it” – to discern the world and live by their faith. To do that without more lesson planning on your part, God’s World News includes more than magazines.  Email newsletter, online lessons, biographies, maps, quizzes and more enhance subjects ranging from history and worldview to science and economics.  (Note: Trak magazine for high school students does not include the same teacher helps as the other GWNews editions. Students and their parents/teachers select suitable topics for discussion on their own.)

God’s World News delivers the ready-made opportunity to practice critical thinking in the context of academic – and real-world – subjects.

There are 6 different versions available, depending on the age level of your children:
trak36God’s Big World (preK-K)
Early Edition (1-2)
News Flash (3-4)
News Current (5-6)
Top Story (Middle School)
Trak (High School)

You can order one level or more then one for multiple grade levels.

Individual homes and homeschool families can order online.  A full year (10 monthly issues) of one print version, delivered to your home is $28.

HOMESCHOOL GROUP ORDERS are being placed on JULY 31st, 2013 for the upcoming school year.  Group subscriptions are ordered at a reduced price by a local homeschool group coordinator.

You get print issues of your chosen publication for your child/children.  Usually a bulk shipment is delivered to a local group coordinator and pick up arrangements are made around local homeschool events.

With enough magazines being ordered the subscription cost is lower than the regular price. Sometimes as low as $11 for a 7 issue subscription.

Contact your local homeschool group to find out more!

After checking into it and writing this post, I’m ordering God’s World News this year through our local group subscription, too.  LOL =)


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  1. Mary Jo Keller

    Great post, Cathy!  You do such a good job!  Do you have any other blogs?

      Blessings, Mary Jo

    A good memory is one that can remember the day’s blessings and forget the day’s troubles. 




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