Muskets & Memories Civil War Era Reenactment, Boscobel

One of the ten best Civil War Era reenactments in the country!

muskets and memories boscobel 2006-reenact-01
The citizens of Boscobel, Wisconsin
are proud to host the Annual Muskets & Memories Civil War Era Reenactment and GAR Heritage Encampment

 July 31, August 1 & 2, 2015

2015 Schedule of Events

All Photos Shown are from the Muskets and Memories Website Photo Gallery. 

Attracting nearly 1,000 participants and over 8,000 spectators each year, guests annually come from across the nation and several foreign countries to attend this interactive educational event.

Civil War era activities for the weekend include :

ladies garden party,

fashion show,
pie social,
children’s activities,
band concerts, church service, first person impressions,
medical history demonstrations, muskets and memories boscoble 2005-medical-05
sutlers vending period goods and garments,

guided tours of the Union, Confederate and civilian camps,
military drills,
and, of course, the popular battle reenactments.

2013 Sat. Battle Reenactment –  Chancellorsville
2013 Sun.Battle Reenactment –  Gettysburg opening day

2014 Sat. Battle Reenactment – Peachtree Creek, GA
2014 Sun.Battle Reenactment – Bald Hill, Atlanta

2015 Sat. Battle Reenactment – Battle of Fort Blakely
2015 Sun. Battle Reenactment – Battle of Fort Stedman


muskets and memories boscobel 2006 acwsa-02Both the North and the South are well represented with infantry, cavalry, artillery and medical units along with camp followers and civilian sympathizers on both sides.

muskets and memories boscobel 2007-swords

muskets and memories boscobel 2007-drummers

See the schedule of activities for a complete guide to the weekend activities. 

General admission is $10 per day, age 7 – 12 is $4, and under age 7 is free. 

* Visit the Muskets and Memories Website for Current Admission*

Group, family, and weekend rates are available. muskets and memories boscobel 2007 p-entertainer

(Note from Mary Jo:   The family rate has usually been the price of 2 parents and 2 children, and then no charge for rest of children.)


muskets and memories boscobel 40-g-children-02

This activity-filled weekend event has become a favorite for families as well as the serious history buff.

(Another note from Mary Jo:  Also, in the past, we have often gotten a discount for being in costume!  Farbies are welcome [Look up farby if you don’t know it! ], but please try to be as authentic as you possibly can.)

muskets and memories boscobel 2007-genlroberteleeHave you noticed that the SW Wisconsin Community Calendar on the right includes lots of area events like this?  

If you haven’t been checking it out, maybe you’ve been missing out!

Also, if you are really into Civil War Reenactments, here are a couple of sites that list more of them:
Reenactment HQ
Midwest Weekends
Backroad Wisconsin
Historical Timekeepers

muskets and memories boscobel 2007-ench-03(Thanks to Mary Jo for the added details for this post.  “Far be it” for me to know all of this.)


2 responses to “Muskets & Memories Civil War Era Reenactment, Boscobel

  1. Heidi Campbell

    What a beautiful spread of pictures and information! This year, Boscobel’s reenactment falls on August 2nd and 3rd, for those who might be interested.


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