Kickapoo Valley Reserve Homeschool Fridays for Fall/Winter 2013-14

KVR homeschool fridays 2013-14 (1)

KVR Homeschool Workshops

Looking for a great way to experience hands-on science, nature and other cultural programs, receive help on projects and research, and network with other homeschooling families?

Kickapoo Valley Reserve
Fall & Winter Workshops for Homeschoolers
The first four Fridays in November 2013 & February 2014

This series of special afternoon workshops is being offered again for area homeschoolers K – 12. The program of interactive, hands-on workshops is taught by KVR instructor / naturalists and aims to get children outside – immersed in nature.  Most workshops will have an inside and outside component to them, so please make sure that children dress appropriately.

The Kickapoo Valley Reserve is an 8,569 acre tract of land located between the villages of La Farge and Ontario in southwestern Wisconsin. Its history, resources, administration, and recreational diversity make it unique – a place like no other.

You’ll need to pre-register by October 18 (for the November programs) and January 17 (for the February programs).  But it’s a good idea to register right away as these programs have a limited number of spaces available.  

Registration information is here. 

You can sign up your children for any or all of the workshop dates.  Each date has two programs for each age level (K-3 and 4th and up) and each child participating gets to attend both workshops being offered that day for his/her age group.  The cost is just $8 per child per afternoon.

Some topics pulled from the various workshop offerings include:
willow crafting techniques     make your own field journal     migrating raptors   snow tracking to identify tracks and scat       cordage making
predator & prey     construct scale model of solar system
build a watershed model       Japanese fish printing       winter wilderness skills

KVR homeschool fridays 2013-14 (2)

KVR Homeschool Workshops

All the dates and workshop descriptions are at the KVR website, here.

Go take a look!

Please be sure to read this 
letter before your programs begin.

Lots of information and the registration form (which you print off and mail in with payment) is available at the link on the Kickapoo Valley Reserve website

Kickapoo Valley Reserve

Kickapoo Valley Reserve
A Unique Place from All Vantage Points


Photos:  Kickapoo Valley Reserve


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