This is THE Big Annual Homeschool Book Sale for the 5 county SW Wisconsin area.


Here’s the preliminary announcement for those of you who wish to sell your books, curriculum, and educational materials.

More information on information sessions, prizes, vendors, etc. will be coming!

You’ll notice a few changes again this year =)  Please read carefully. Any questions/comments can be emailed to our new dedicated email address: homeeducatorscooperative@gmail.com
Feel free to forward this email to others that may be interested as well.
See you at the sale! =)

A)This year’s Book Fair will be Friday, May 9th 2014 at the Viroqua Church of Christ (behind the Fairgrounds). The address is: 825 Nelson Parkway Viroqua, WI. The sale will be open to the public from 4pm to 8pm. Flyers will be sent out later for everyone to print and post in their own communities.

B)This year we need help with prep work, set-up and tear down. Some wonderful families were very generous with their time and help after the sale last year which was much appreciated. This year we need actual commitments from some families or some father/son “teams” to help with set up, tear down and collecting the outdoor signs. Without cooperation the booksale won’t continue to be successful.

C)Set up time will start at 1:00pm. Please do NOT arrive early. Seller’s privilege sale will befrom 3pm to 4pm. The booksale will open to the public promptly at 4pm.

D)Any seller not checked in by 3:30pm will have their table passed to another on the waiting list unless special arrangements have been made. No refunds will be made.

E)Each seller will break down their own table and clean up their own area. All sellers (or family members) will help clean up public areas. We need to be out no later than 9:30pm. We are privileged to have this space to use so please clean up carefully. (Sanctuary, library and kitchen are off-limits.)

F)Some tables are older, well-used tables so please bring a tablecover/cloth if you wish to use one. We will be using a combination of round and rectangular tables. If you have a preference please let me know and I will try to honor it on a “first come, first served” basis.

G)One table per registration. 3 people per table may share. Any more than 3 people sharing a table will have an additional fee for supplies or will need a separate table. Additional tables, if available, maybe requested after May 1, 2014. Any additional tables will be charged at the same rate as your original table.

H)Table fee is $4.00 for table to sell your used books until March 18, 2014 (postmarked no later than 3/18/14). Please send an email to: homeeducatorscooperative@gmail.com with the words Book Fair 2014 and YOUR NAME in the subject line to request a table and you will receive an email with further information/instructions. After March 18, 2014 used book tables will be $8.00. Registration closes April 20, 2014.

I)All money/fees from the Book Fair will be used for supplies,advertisement, seminar costs or building/custodian fees only. We can accommodate as many as 40 plus sellers. In 2013 we had 39 sellers register for tables.

J)Hand delivered payments/registration/requests will not be accepted. All payments and due dates will go by the date the envelope is postmarked.

K)If you would like to participate as a business that is specifically related to homeschool education (teaches classes or sells educational items) or benefits/encourages home education/training please contact me at: homeeducatorscooperative@gmail.com . We are starting a list of homeschooling family businesses in the area. If you’d like to be a part of that list, would like to display business flyers for the 2014 Book Fair or be a part of the Book Fair in the future, please let us know via email.

*The goal of Home Educators Cooperative is to support, educate and encourage homeschool moms and their families while encouraging homeschoolers of all backgrounds/styles to work together as a community for the benefit of our children and homeschooling.*



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