450 Candles for William Shakespeare

William Shakespeare: Still Kickin’ It At 450 Years


William Shakespeare, arguably one of the greatest writers of all time would have turned 450 years old this month, and his words play on.  A master of prose and poetry, his characters (if not always his language) stir emotions whether acted on stage or screen, or dissected in academia.

By tradition it is agreed that April 23, St. George’s Day in England, is recognized as Shakespeare’s birthday. Coincidentally it is also the date on which he died — rather like going in and out “in one fell swoop,” don’t you think?

To mark the 450th anniversary of The Bard’s birth, Kenneth Branagh and Alex Kingston performed Antony and Cleopatra for BBC Radio 3 on April 20th, 2014.  This new production of Shakespeare’s epic of love and power has been recorded and will be available for free listening for just one week.  Discover it for yourself here: http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b0414fq4

Next Sunday, April 27th, BBC Radio 3 will feature Romeo and Juliet. Be forewarned, BBC has this tragedy of young love, first broadcast in 2012, rated “R.”



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