Astronomy Campout

Consider Thy Heavens Campout Michigan 2014

Consider Thy Heavens Campout Michigan 2014 Hosted by

Jay Ryan, the author of “Signs and Seasons,” a classical astronomy textbook for homeschoolers, is planning to have an astronomy camp-out at a state park in Upper Michigan in August, and all homeschoolers are invited.
Please pass this on to the homeschoolers in your area.

Tahquamenon Falls, Upper Peninsula Michigan

Tah-whatever Falls in the U.P. – very nearby where we will be camping this summer. This is the sort of “biblical” night sky we can expect to experience. Share this with your friends and encourage them to join us this August! – Jay (Photo Credit: Michigan Nut Tahquamenon Falls, Upper Peninsula Michigan)

The heavens declare the glory of God, and the firmament sheweth His handywork. – Psalm 19:1

Have you ever seen a truly dark sky? The sky as God created it to appear,
far away from city lights? Then how do you know of the glory it declares?
Why not come find out?

Join us for a “Consider Thy Heavens” Campout during 2014.

It’s simple…
everyone makes their own reservations, brings their own food and gear, and otherwise handles their own arrangements. Enjoy a great weekend of fun and fellowship during the day. After dark, we will host an astronomy
constellation tour, from nightfall til whenever, free to all, at no extra
charge. Kids of all ages welcome! Experience the LORD’s sky, and learn
about the importance and relevance of Classical Astronomy in our daily

Michigan, Muskallonge Lake State Park (Upper Peninsula)
Wed-Sun August 20-24, 2014 (waning crescent Moon)

This will be an AWESOME event at a remote site, in the darkest patch of
inky black skies in the eastern USA. These are truly “biblical” skies, such
as most modern Americans have never seen from their brightly illuminated
suburbs. Such skies are only available from remote locations, and require
some extra driving for most people. But if families are willing to drive
20+ hours to enjoy the man-made thrills at Disney World, why not travel a
bit off the beaten path to experience the wonders of God’s glory?

Nonetheless, there are lots of daytime activities for families to enjoy,
such as Pictured Rocks Lakeshore, the Soo locks, and the Great Lakes
Maritime Museum. We’re hoping that homeschool families in Michigan will
turn out for this, along with those in Wisconsin, Ohio, Minnesota and

Summer temps can be downright cool in the UP, so why not beat the summer heat by heading way north? Come for a day, the weekend, or the entire event! And tell your friends!

In addition to your own camping gear and food, please bring:

* some quality binoculars, which can also be used for birding and other daytime activities;
* a red flashlight for nighttime activities, since this will not spoil your night vision;
* a blanket for sitting on the ground after dark, maybe even a good tarp in case the ground is damp.

Please send Jay Ryan an email through Classical Astronomy if your family is interested in participating.

Notes for Muskallonge Lake State Park Reservations

1. Go to
2 Choose “Muskallong Lake State Park” under Park.
3. Select arrival and departure dates. (Parsons will be there Wed Aug 20 through Sun Aug 24, but may later extend the stay)
4. Fill out form as indicated.
5. Under “Find Sites” click on the “On a Map” icon. This will take you to a map of the state park with the campground areas highlighted. Please feel free to stay wherever you wish, but if you would like to stay with the group then click on “section 1”. A new map will pop up that shows the individual campsites. Each campsite is individually described and has photos. We are suggesting that participants consider sites in the area of 36 to 51, working from corner of site 51 on down. The Parsons have reserved 51 and the Ryans are in 50. These campsites can accommodate campers and trailers as well as tents.

6. You will need to provide full payment to reserve the campsite, but there is a cancellation option with a fee. The cost is $18 per site per night. There is also an $8 reservation fee.
7. If you are a Michigan Resident then entrance to this and all state parks is free if you have your license plate sticker. If you don’t, the annual pass is $11. Campers from outside Michigan will need to pay an entrance fee. The daily fee is $8.40, however a non-resident annual pass for all Michigan State Parks may be purchased for $31.10. Consider this option if you also plan to visit other State Parks during your visit, such as nearby Tahquamenon Falls State Park.
8. For more information, search the state website and click under “camping and recreation”.
Some nearby attractions to check out:
Oswald bear refuge
Great Lakes Shipwreck Museum at Whitefish Point
Tahquamenon Waterfall
Birding at Whitefish Point
Birding at Seney National Wildlife Refuge
Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore (National Park Service)
Grand Sable Dunes
The Soo Locks at Sault Ste. MarieMackinac Island

consider thy heavens michigan 2014 campout

Consider Thy Heavens Campout Michigan 2014 Hosted by


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