Summers at Tent Camp

Summer Camp at TENT CAMP

Tent Camp is an adventure helping meet the spiritual, physical, and entertainment needs of youth.  It includes * surprise * sleeping in tents (a big one for boys and another one for girls), swimming, mini golf, hiking, basketball, volleyball, water balloon games, capture the flag, whop ’em, box hockey, carpet pool, four square, lightning, Foosball, air hockey.  They have Bible time, videos, songs, puppets, water slides, campfires, and snacks.

Tent Camp is a Christian Youth Camp near Black River Falls, run by the American Missionary Fellowship.
Each 3 day camp costs only $30 per child (or $20 for age 5 to 7).

All camps begin at 9 am and end at 4 pm – except Teen Camp which begins at 7 pm.

The Summer 2014 Schedule is:

Teens (14+) June 18 – 21
Ages 7 – 9 June 23 – 25
All Girls: Ages 10 – 13 June 26 – 28
Boys Wilderness: Ages 8 – 10 June 30 – July 2
Boys Wilderness: Ages 11-13 July 7 – 9
Ages 5 – 7 July 14 – 15
Ages 11 – 13 July 22 – 24
Ages 8 – 10 July 28 – 30

What to bring: water bottle with name on it, sleeping bag, play clothes, swim suit, towel, jeans for hiking or cool weather, sweatshirt or jacket for evening, flashlight, and other personal items.

Tent Camp is run by Ralph and Connie Schram, and Karl and Charity Lehrke.

You can contact them by calling or by emailing.

Registration Forms can be found at:

Check out Tent Camp on Facebook!


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