Exciting Creation Conference Coming to Wisconsin

“The Origin of Life:
The Improbability of
Chance, Mutation, and Natural Selection”
Sponsored by the Society of Creation
If you have ever wondered how evolutionists try to explain the origin of life, you will
want to hear Jay Seegert and Kevin Anderson speak at a creation conference, hosted by
Concordia University Wisconsin and sponsored by the CUS Society of Creation. For registration,
housing, schedule, and program information, visit the website http://www.SocietyofCreation.org and
click on the Conference link.

Creation Conference June 30 to July 2, 2014, Concordia University Mequon, Wisconsin

Keynote Speakers
Dr. Kevin Anderson (Creation Research Society)
Jay Seegert (Creation Education Center)

“Evolution’s Flawed Principles” Kevin Anderson

Evolutionary transformations are claimed to result from natural selection acting upon mutational change. However, this view reveals an incomplete understanding of natural selection and an inaccurate understanding of mutations.

“The Human Genome: An Icon for Creation Science” Kevin Anderson

Since the publication of the human genome sequence, our understanding of the function and structure of chromosomes has increased dramatically. In light of these new discoveries, evolutionists’ arguments, such as Junk DNA, evolutionary lineages, and Human/Chimpanzee genetic similarity, are now being discarded as erroneous.  The genome exhibits a clear evidence of design, possessing an intricate organization of overlapping genes, dual coding systems, and 4-dimensional informational activity – fully consistent with a recent creation model.

“Evolution: Probable or Problematic?” Jay Seegert

Even though certain aspects of evolution occasionally seem fairly plausible, when you “peek under the hood” to see what actually has to go on inside (in the DNA) we see a very different picture.  Presenting some cutting-edge information about DNA, this presentation clearly demonstrates that molecules-to-man evolution is virtually impossible.

“I ‘Hear’ that Evolution is Impossible” Jay Seegert

Using the human ear as the main example, this topic briefly addresses the origin of “information” and the origin of species, showing that mutations and natural selection are completely incapable of producing molecules-to-man evolution.

Jun 30 – Jul 2, 2014  (Mon-Wed)
Mon 1:00 PM – 4:45 PM*
Tue 8:30 AM – 5:00 PM*
Wed 8:30 AM – 2:00 PM
* Optional free video shown in the evenings.

Concordia University
School of Pharmacy Building
12800 N. Lake Shore Drive
Mequon, WI  53097
Map Link

Conference Schedule  (updated)
Registration Form

Varies depending on how much of the conference you attend and other factors.  The cost is $55 for the entire conference, with reductions for partial attendance or multiple persons  (see web link for details).

Other Speakers:

Dr. Gary Locklair (Concordia University)
Dr. Joel Heck (Concordia University)
Dr. Scott Van Ornum (Concordia University)

Gary Locklair “Positive Creation Evidences”

God created life as matter with teleonomy (information content). All life on planet earth was originally fashioned by God. Since this is true, there should be a number of scientific evidences that can be used as support. What are these evidences and what is an effective way to present and discuss the evidence? From the Law of Biogenesis to probability; from complexity to information theory, there are many evidences to support the origin of life by God’s creative activity. Any evidence can be expressed either as a negative argument against evolution or as a positive argument in favor of creation. This presentation will focus on defining and presenting positive arguments in favor of the creation of life.

Joel Heck

“The Grand Canyon and the Flood of Noah”

The Grand Canyon is often presented as evidence for uniformitarianism and an old earth, but in reality it speaks of a cataclysmic worldwide deluge in the recent past. Belief in a worldwide flood in Noah’s day, based on Genesis 6-9, usually goes hand in hand with a high view of Scripture and a natural reading of the creation account in Genesis 1. Drawing on a week-long trip in the Grand Canyon with one of the world’s foremost Grand Canyon geologists, this topic will present evidence for the flood of Noah as seen in the fossils and sedimentary rock layers of the Grand Canyon with photos and videos taken on site. He who created all life also at one point destroyed most of that life, except for the family of Noah.

Seating is limited, so register today!

For more info or to register:




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