Henty US History CDs + Free Study Guides

Jim Hodges Audio Books

Educational. Entertaining. Edifying.

You’re going to love this. (Especially if you use Classical Conversations!)
This month only, July 2014, get all five U. S. History related Henty audio books on MP3 file format CDs for $75 (Convention Special Pricing) AND get the accompanying Study Guides – FREE!  (This set would cost you $185 if purchased separately on the website.)
I know…$75 is a lot of money no matter how good a deal it is.  So, if that’s a little rich for you, how about this instead?
Those same 5 titles are available this month as downloads for only $10 each!  Buy one or all of them!

 Here’s the link!

 Henty Books on Tape

The 5 titles included in this month’s sale are:

WolfeWith Wolfe in Canada:
A Tale of the French and Indian War

FlagTrue to the Old Flag:

A Tale of the Revolutionary War

Bayley'sCaptain Bayley’s Heir:
A Tale of the California Gold Rush

RockiesIn The Heart of the Rockies:
A Tale of Adventure in Colorado
LeeWith Lee in Virginia:
A Tale of the American Civil War
If you are using Classical Conversations and studying United States history this year, then this sale would be perfect for you!
In any case, this is a sale you will want to tell your friends about, so please forward this to them.
They will thank you!Here’s the link again.Henty Books on Tape


Or just forward this post by email to your friends to let them know about it.


2 responses to “Henty US History CDs + Free Study Guides

  1. Carol, I would like the CD’S, would your family be interested in splitting and listening to these together during the school year? Just some to think and pray about. All for Jesus! Debbie


    • Debbie, You may want to follow up with her on your own as she probably hasn’t seen this post about the sale. You can forward it by email to her (or anyone else for that matter) by clicking the little icon directly on the page. ~Cathie


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