Notebooks For Students: Discount Laptops for Homeschoolers

Press Release – Notebooks For Students Allows Discounts to Homeschoolers

Microsoft Education Product Policy allows nonprofit Notebooks For Students (NFS) to offer in-classroom technologies (previously reserved for traditional public school facilities) to Homeschool families.

Based on Microsoft Education Product guidelines, the NFS Board voted to categorize homeschool families as schools and to implement Homeschool Group Purchasing to facilitate access of in- classroom technologies for individual Homeschool families.

This means that homeschool families are now able to purchase computers and software at the same wholesale pricing available to public schools!!

David Puzo stated, “Our organization is only three years old. In that time we have stressed moving forward to meet the technology needs of all education providers. First we addressed colleges and individual students. In 2012/13 we moved on to k-12 public schools and off-campus learning centers in all settings (daycare, church, Title 1 funding, etc). In 2014 NFS is implementing a program which will greatly increases access to in-classroom technologies for individual Homeschooling families.”

Homeschool families can purchase from Notebooks For Students as individual families or order as part of the SW Wisconsin Homeschool Community Group Order. Contact SW Wisconsin Homeschools for details. Additional discounts are available through the group order.

Families ordering will have to provide homeschool affidavit, notice of intent or other form (depending on the State of residence), to be able to receive the discounts on full laptop packages and software.

To see the items available and pricing, please visit;

*About Notebooks for Students*
Notebooks for Students is a nonprofit private operating foundation located in Carlsbad, Ca. Incorporated in 2011, our mission is to address the ever-growing Digital Divide within the national student body by increasing the availability of computers to all education providers and their students.

Let us know if you would like to get an extra discount by purchasing your family’s next computers as part of SW Wisconsin Homeschool Community Group Order. Contact SW Wisconsin Homeschools for details.


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