Missoula Children’s Theatre Returns to SW Wisconsin Area

MCT logoA little red truck  pulls into town with everything it takes to mount a full-scale musical production…except the cast.
That’s where your children come in.
On Monday, they’re cast as characters.
By Saturday, they’ve gained character – the kind that really counts.

MCT Children's what character will you be

Missoula Children’s Theatre is a fantastic opportunity for budding thespians…

Grades Kindergarten through 12th – public, private, and homeschooled!

Each child involved gets the full experience of working in a full-scale theatrical production.

If you have a child that wants to be onstage, or maybe a child that you think would benefit from being onstage,  THIS could be just what you’re looking for!

Each week-long residency begins with an open group audition and culminates in two public performances.  Fifty to sixty students grades K-12, or a combination of these ages, are cast and well rehearsed throughout the week, learning lines, songs and choreography to perform as an ensemble in producing a full-length musical.

Questions and Answers for Parents

Good family entertainment!

Performances at the end of the workshop are open to the public.

Each year the productions scheduled for the Southwest Wisconsin area change.

MCT Tours are booked by local groups, usually schools or theatres. You can check the scheduled listings to see when a tour is coming to your town.

Missoula in WI Spr2015-Sum2016 *

Bring the Missoula Children’s Theatre Tour to your town! http://mctinc.org/mct-tour/


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