“Go Slow”: How Does Net Neutrality Affect Your Homeschool?

Would it make a difference to you if your homeschool day was interrupted by slow internet?

We’ve all been frustrated by trying to load something and instead getting the spinning wheel of death. But what if the reason for the delay wasn’t just a crummy Wi-Fi or DSL and was instead the issue of net neutrality!

Ever wonder what would happen if everyday websites, like this blog for instance, were forced by deep pocketed mega communication companies to run in the “slow lane” of the internet?

Now, I’m not saying this blog makes any great difference to your daily life, but it makes me positively cranky when I can’t get a simple recipe or check the weather forecast quickly.

“Net neutrality— the idea that Internet service providers (ISPs) should treat all data that travels over their networks equally—got major attention this Spring when the FCC released proposed regulatory guidelines that left Internet users and companies alike deeply concerned. The proposal included new language giving ISPs leeway to create a “fast lane” for certain websites (i.e. websites with deep pockets that were willing to shell out more money for faster access to users).

But you can’t have a fast lane without also having a slower lane. And that means everyday websites—including journalistic websites and start-up companies that could compete with established web services—could be slow to load, even as our expectations for loading speed leap ahead in the coming years.” Source

What about all the online curriculum that you use for daily homeschool purposes?

Many of us use free online content for regular homeschooling, like Khan Academy, Homeschool Freebie of the Day for instance.


And I can’t help wonder how this idea could change the educational courses and curricula we purchase from homeschool companies that are delivered by the internet…

At best I think, it’s going to make a difference in the price we will all have to pay down the road.

Have you checked into any of this? What are your thoughts?


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