Homeschooling: A Growing Option For Many in Wisconsin – One Family’s Story

1.5 million students across the country are homeschooled



“After completing second grade at a traditional school, Bronwyn asked her parents if she could be homeschooled because she didn’t feel challenged in class and was bullied outside of class.”

Homeschooling isn’t on the fringe of education choices any longer. In fact, it seems to be growing in popularity across the country. The Department of Education estimates the number of homeschooled students has grown at about 7% a year for the past 10 years.

A few weeks ago, SW Wisconsin Community of Homeschools was contacted by Lisa Klein of WKBT-TV Channel 8 in La Crosse, to help her find a family to interview for a news story about homeschooling.  We surveyed local homeschool families and gave Lisa our nominees.  Here’s the story that ran on the La Crosse News last night…

Assignment: Education – Home Schooling
Author: Lisa Klein,


Stephanie Hicks had thought she wouldn’t have the patience to homeschool their children.  “We thought. okay we’ll give it a whirl and if we don’t like it we’ll stop. And here we are going into five years.”

The Hicks children are part of nearly 20,000 homeschool students in Wisconsin.

(UPDATED 09/22/14: The video implies that homeschooling is increasing, however the statistics show the percentage of home-based students has been dropping since a peak in 2002; with 2013/2014 figures at 19,104, or 1.89% of the total school population.)

After five years, homeschooling is still working out well for the Hicks family.

The homeschool option.

How’s it going for your family?



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