Creation Education Days at Living Waters

Brand New!
fall at lwbc Creation-5Living Waters, the premier creation resource in the area, has just introduced an outstanding opportunity – perfect for area homeschoolers.

Living Waters Bible Camp Creation Education Days!

Learn and enjoy creation based nature programs in the beautiful camp setting.

Discover Winter, Spring, and Fall.

fall at lwbc Creation-27

Experience hands-on learning about God’s design.

Geared for students kindergarten through high school.

climbing wall at lwbc20110621_4076

Three special days are scheduled in 2015 for you to choose from:

February 5th, April 9th, October 1st

Each Creation Education Day has three sessions; students rotate through nature class programs, followed by an activity (winter activities, adventure activities etc.).

Separate programs are designed for K – 4th Graders and 5th-12th Graders.

Basic Schedule:
10:00am Registration
10:30 Program Rotation #1
12:00pm Bring your own sack lunch
1:00-2:30 Program Rotation #2
2:30-4:00 Large Group Activity

Winter Program Feb. 5th:

K – 4th Graders
    Animal Tracking – learn basic tracking skills and how to identify animals from the signs and tracks they leave behind.
    Incredible Insects – In the Nature Center enjoy learning about some of the most incredible insects that God has created from around the world.

5th-12th Graders
    Outdoor Survival Skills – Learn skills to survive in wilderness conditions, and discover how to find complete rest and security in God through any life situation.
    Winter Tree ID – learn how God sustains trees through the cold Wisconsin winters, and how to identify different trees.

After the class program, students will participate in recreational activities…snowtubing at lwbc

broomball at lwbc

zipline at lwbc 20110621_3866


K – 4th Graders
    Sensory Hike – Learn how each of the five senses has been designed by God and how they work together to allow us to enjoy His creation.
    Bread of Life – Learn the basics of bread making and learn that Jesus is our Bread of Life.

5th – 12th Graders
    Pathfinders – Learn how to use a compass to navigate through our compass course and understand that God has given us His word and spirit to guide us through life.
    Sugar Shack Tour – Learn the biology of the maple tree and about the maple syrup making process.sugar shack at lwbc _MG_8723 1

Fall PROGRAM October 1st:

Download Postcard flyer
:K – 4th Graders
    Fishers Of Men – Expand your fishing skills as you learn the basic of rods, reels, and tackle boxes. Fishing also teaches many lessons that help us become fishers of men by sharing the love of God.
    Trout Pond Exploration – As you explore a natural spring, a beautiful stream, and a brook trout raceway you will discover what is needed in your own life for spiritual growth.
5th-12th Graders
    Wonders of Water – Marvel at water as we do experiments to reveal this incredible molecule of life. As you learn about water you will understand some awesome works of God in life and salvation.
    Pond Life Encounter – Plunge into the abundant life under water with nets and microscopes. As you discover plentiful life you will marvel at God’s provisions for your own life.

111Cost: Early Registration (prior to event) $8 per student (K-12), Day of event Registration- $12 (K-12), No cost for adults or children not yet in school. There is no program for adults however parents need to chaperone students. Please bring your own sack lunch.  Space in the lodge will be available for families to eat.

Registration the day of the event is $12 (please register early!)

Besides these Creation Education Days (described above) other events available:
Sugar Bush Day (March 22),
Homeschool Family Camp (April 27 – May 1),
Animal Kingdom Day (October 11) and the
Creation Conferences (May 1-2, October 9-10);
are all excellent options for homeschool groups to be involved at Living Waters Bible Camp. (There’s usually a need for volunteers, too!)

The purpose at Living Waters Bible Camp is to use God’s Word and His Creation, as well as adventure and relationships to draw people closer to Jesus Christ. Programs are designed with a purpose to point to God, the Creator.

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