Homeschool Teen Dances Scheduled for Gays Mills

More of those fabulous dances that have been happening in Gays Mills have been scheduled for the coming months!

dancer1 dancer2Here’s the general rundown of the anticipated dates and themes — the rules (dress and conduct) are shown below as well. The schedule shown here is subject to change if need be.

General for all the scheduled dances:
Ages 13-20
6 pm to 10 pm.
In the Gays Mills Main Street Community Building

$5 pre-pay or $8 at the door.
Dress and Conduct Codes will apply.
We’ll try to keep you updated here on the SW Homeschool Community blog, but your best bet is to check with Melanie (the best teen dance organizer in the area) if you have any questions about the dances.

FEBRUARY 7TH Valentine Dance
-Formal dress will be required for this dance. Couples are allowed.
Pre-Pay Deadline is Saturday, January 31st .

valentine dance flyer only

-Semi-formal attire is encouraged for this karaoke/dance event.Spring Sing & Dance March 2015 flyer only
No pre-paid tickets
this time.

Scroll down for a special notice
regarding future dances.

MAY 23RD “Rock Around the Clock” – 50’S DANCE
-The last 50’s dance was such a hit that we’ve decided to have another. Attire from the 50’s era is encouraged.
Pre-Pay Deadline is Saturday, May 16th.
rock around the clock dance flyer only

-Sing and dance the night away while dressed as your favorite Disney character.  Come in costume or come dressed up for a dance. Either way, you’ll have fun!
Prizes for the best costume, creativity and presentation.
Pre-pay deadline is August 15th.

Dance 2015 - Disney Flyer editedBe sure costumes are:
– Modest and decent;
– Fun (not scary or gruesome);
– Neat, clean; fit properly;
– In compliance with dance dress code requirements.

Just to clarify how the Costume Contest will work….  You show up in costume, pay $2, and present your three COSTUME CONTEST ENTRY FORM.  Judging will be based on your costume and presentation.  Your presentation could simply be the way you handle and present yourself.  You may want to bring a picture of the character in case the judges are unfamiliar with it.  You also have the option to include props, sing part of a song, or add music to your presentation. Each person will be allowed 60 seconds for their presentation… and of course, the more that you add to your presentation, the more points you are awarded.  The 1st place winner will be awarded $25, 2nd place $15, and 3rd place $10.  If you’d like to participate in the Costume Contest, please contact Melanie ahead of time.

OCTOBER 17TH “Down on the Farm” HOEDOWN
Everybody loves the western theme, so we’re doing it again. Come dressed in your best cowboy/cowgirl attire. This dance is for homeschoolers, friends and families.  So join us for a night of fun!!! Admission is:$3  for those 12 and under and $5  for those 13 and older. Please bring a tray of goodies to share if you are able.

Hoedown 2015

DECEMBER 11TH Snowflake Formal DANCE

-Come dressed in your best to this formal ball.
The Snowflake Dance will be held at the Seneca Town Hall on Friday, Dec. 11th. from 6 to 10 p.m. Please be sure to read the flyer in its entirety and bring the signed ticket with you when you come.

General Rules of Conduct and Dress Code:

Respectable behavior and language is required by all who attend.
Arguing, brawling, Foul language, provocative dancing, and body to body dancing is not allowed!
Modest and presentable attire is required of all who attend.
Couples are allowed, but must refrain from any intimate behavior.
Displays of kissing, caressing, hugging, and sitting on each other’s laps is not permitted.

LADIES… dresses knee-length must be worn with leggings. No mini skirts. Sleeveless, strapless, spaghetti strap dresses will require a shrug or shawl. No plunging necklines or exposed cleavage. Low cut backs are not permitted.

GENTLEMEN… Jeans are not appropriate for for semi formal and formal dances. Dress pants are recommended. Ties and jackets are not required. We encourage you to wear a tie and expect your attire and hair to be neat and clean.

Failure to comply to the above rules will be dealt with accordingly.
Parents, please be sure that your teens understand and follow these requirements so as to avoid any embarrassment in the event that they should have to be removed from the dance.
Please email any questions or concerns to iopener -at-centurylink -dot- net.

April 27th, 2015

Note from the homeschool dance host, Melanie:

I have been hosting the homeschool dances for going on 2 years now.  It has been a great experience for me and I have gotten a chance to get to know many of you on a personal level.  You truly are a great bunch to entertain 🙂

With that said… I want to give all of you a fair and advanced notice that this year’s December dance will most likely be my last.  I use the words “most likely” because I cannot say for sure that I will never host another….  However, I will not be holding them every other month as I have in the past.

I am giving you this notice so that you may take this opportunity to attend as many dances as possible before this year comes to an end. 
Thanks again to all of you that have attended the dances – and to all of the parents that have, so generously, helped out!!  I couldn’t have done this without you!!

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