Teen Car Control Clinic in La Crosse

Gundersen Teen Car Control Clinic

If you were driving your vehicle and suddenly lost control, would you know what to do?

“Motor vehicle crashes are the leading cause of death for United States teenagers, accounting for more than one in three deaths.” Young people are at a greater risk for traffic accidents due to one major reason—lack of experience. “While teenagers represent only 5% of the total licensed population, they account for over 12% of motor vehicle crashes.” (Source)

Gundersen’s Division of Trauma is committed to keeping teens safe by offering a Teen Car Control Clinic. This free program teaches teen drivers vehicle control techniques in a controlled environment. Considering 67% of teenage motor vehicle crashes in the Gundersen service area are due to loss of control, the clinic provides young drivers a chance to hone their skills and prepare themselves for dangerous situations that may arise on the road. The clinic will not only teach the fundamentals of vehicle control during the classroom session, but it will also offer invaluable behind-the-wheel exercises with one-on-one instruction.

During the in-car portion of the clinic, instructors will familiarize students with proper braking concepts, vehicle weight transfer and cornering, and unexpected lane changes. The session is designed to heighten students’ awareness and responsiveness to real-world situations and boost confidence in their own skills.

“My son came away a much better driver, and I came away with complete confidence in his skills. I am SO very glad we took this course. Only 1 day, but it impacted him more than all of our other driving training.”

Registration for the spring session of the teen car control clinic is now open.
The dates are Saturday April 25 or Sunday April 26 from 7:45-4:30 each day.
You only attend one day. This course is offered in the spring and the fall and has been attended by many homeschooled teens in the area.

“This was so amazing. My son learned so much last fall and greatly improved his driving skills. I can’t recommend this more highly.”

The class fills up quickly!  Pre-registration is required by April 17th for this session.  See details below to register.

Saturday, April 25 or Sunday, April 26, 2015
7:45 a.m.–4:30 p.m.
Gundersen La Crosse Campus, south parking lot.
Breakfast and lunch will be provided.

The clinic teaches fundamentals of vehicle control during classroom sessions and behind the wheel exercises. Teens will leave with an increased sense of confidence in their ability to handle their vehicle as well as increased awareness of hazards on the road. A parent/guardian must attend the course with the licensed teen (16-19 years of age).

You must use your own vehicle for the driving portion of the course.

This is a free clinic but a $50 deposit is required at registration which will be refunded in full after completion of the program. To register, go to gundersenhealth.org/teencar. Information about payment options can be found on the web-site.

Pre-registration is required by April 17th for the April 2015 session.

The fall dates for 2015 are October 17 and 18 and will be in Winona at the Technical College.

For more information about this program call (608) 775-2011.


This event is not sponsored or endorsed by the School District.

You must use your own vehicle for the driving portion of the course. It is recommended to use the vehicle the teen typically drives. Course requirements include:

  • Teen must be between the ages 16-19 years old
  • Participants are required to have a valid driver’s license to participate (no permit drivers)
  • A parent or guardian must attend the course with the teen
  • Car must be in good mechanical condition and safe in the opinion of the instructor. All cars will need to pass a brief safety inspection. No visible leaks of any kind.
  • The car must be legally registered, licensed and insured to participant or their parent/legal guardian.
  • No race cars or special-use vehicles. The use of Nitrous Oxide will not be allowed.
  • Tires must have visible tread.
  • The car and trunk must be cleaned of all loose items.
  • The battery and spare tire must be secure.
  • Have plenty of gas in the car for the day’s event.

Dress comfortably and according to the weather. Closed toed shoes are required. Much of the course is outdoors.

Register for a Teen Car Control Clinic
Saturday, April 25 | REGISTER
Sunday, April 26 | REGISTER

Saturday, Oct. 17 | REGISTER
Sunday, Oct. 18 | REGISTER


Contact Brenda Miller
(608) 775-3054

Teen Car Control Clinic Flier
Add your name to the waiting list
Inquire about future Teen Car Control Clinic courses

Clinics are typically held in the spring and fall.
Contact (608) 775-3054 for more information.


2 responses to “Teen Car Control Clinic in La Crosse

  1. “Teens will leave with an increased sense of confidence in their ability to handle their vehicle…”

    I sure hope not, a high sense of confidence in their ability to handle a vehicle is the most dangerous thing a teenager could possibly have. Reminds me of a study on the effectiveness of drivers education in one of the Scandinavian countries. They tried teaching students to drive on ice on frozen lakes and found that accident rates went up because the students thought they knew how to drive on ice…


  2. The Gundersen flyer states that the session is designed to heighten students’ awareness and responsiveness to real-world situations. Interesting thought, Ben. I suppose that a little knowledge can be a dangerous thing.


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