Spring Environmental Education Day at Norskedalen


Norskedalen Nature and Heritage Center

Norskedalen’s Environmental Ed Day
Thursday, May 21
9:30 am to 1:30 pm
(bring your own sack lunches).

This entire day of programming is only $6 per student.

Reservations are required.
Please call Norskedalen at 608-452-3424
to reserve your
homeschool group now.

Students move from station to station learning about raptors,  snakes, lizards, turtles, local fish habitat in the trout stream; flintknapping with Blueberry Jack, meeting Smokey the Bear, and hiking the trails.

Spring Environmental Education Day for students K through 9th grade.  Read below for more information on this fantastic day!
Raptor Program

Give your students an up close and personal look at live raptors! Wildlife Rehabilitation Specialists will be on hand with a Red Tailed Hawk, a Barred Owl and a Screech Owl to teach students more about these fascinating birds!
Snakes, Lizards & Turtles, Oh My!

Herpetologist Dan Nedrelo will be on hand with his many reptiles and amphibians in this fun filled presentation for all. Students will delight in seeing snakes, lizards and other creatures of all sizes and maybe even touching one or two! Come prepared to laugh and learn!
Blueberry Jack

Do you know what flintknapping is? Have you heard how trout get their rainbows? Or can you tell how old a turtle is? Blueberry can spin many a story and will delight students with his tales and demonstrations.
DNR Fisheries

Norskedalen is located in the valley of one of the best trout streams in the world! The Department of Natural Resources will take older students on a trip to the local stream for a presentation on fish habitat in one of the premier locales of Wisconsin.
Smokey Bear

It’s Smokey’s Birthday! What student can resist a high five from this Forest Service mascot? By bringing awareness to the prevention of wildfires, Smokey is a welcome friend in the forest. Bring it on in for a bear hug!
Nature Hikes

A day to Norskedalen isn’t complete without a hike out on to one of our trails! You might spot a fawn, a chittering squirrel, or an eagle soaring high. You’ll definitely see blooming spring wildflowers, deer tracks and babbling brooks!

Norskedalen Nature and Heritage Center
Coon Valley WI

Can’t make it to Environ Ed Day?
Call for other programs available!



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